Has money from China permeated all parties and levels of government in Canada?

by Brad Salzberg


March 11, 2023

Toronto MPP Vincent Ke is leaving the Progressive Conservative caucus to sit as an independent amid allegations that he was involved in China’s election interference during the 2019 Canadian federal election.

In a statement to CTV News this week, Premier Doug Ford’s office confirmed that Mr. Ke, who represents Don Valley North at Queen’s Park, offered to depart the PC caucus “out of an abundance of caution.”

Upon which Canadians should recognize the following truism: an abundance of caution must be applied to the entire Canada-China political integration phenomenon.

Vincent Ke is not one of the 11 Federal MPs implicated in accusations of financial interference via the Chinese government. MPP Ke is a member of Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Thereby transcending the idea that interference is limited to the Liberal Party, in addition to federal politicians.

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