by Angelica Toy

Rebel News

March 11, 2023

After a few incidents at city hall, some folks in Calgary feel that their municipal government has a double standard when dealing with Christians. Criminal charges and trespass notices are being doled out to believers who stand up to the mayor.

In recent days, we have seen the mayor threatening and demeaning Christians who protest against drag queens participating in ‘all-ages’ events.

We saw that evident with the arrest of Pastor Derek Reimer. To see the whole story and to contribute to his official legal fund, you can head to

And there was another incident last week at city hall involving the security team there and another pastor.

Last week, Independence Party leader Pastor Artur Pawlowski was issued a trespass notice for warming up inside city hall. Pastor Art was at the building setting up for a press conference on the steps outside.

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  1. It is time for God to take back Canada. At one time Canada was a Christian country, and it needs to return to that status. Satan has been giving this country the boot for some time now. The time of satanic rule needs to come to an end. We had a taste of that comeback last year when the Freedom Convoy hit the road. We saw the fear in our satanic ‘leaders’ start to tremble when Canadians from Sea to Sea to Sea started to come together all nationalities and religions, red and yellow, black and white. What did those satanists do? First they ran and hid, seeking advise from their higher up satanists (Schwab & Soros, etc) then they started to change the rules to suit them, using acts of violence and government control. They started to enforce unconstitional directives, and bringing in illegal enforcement to cause havoc and then try making claims that it was the Freedom Fighters that were being violent when the only ones doing any damage at all were the satanic ‘leaders’. Those trying to impose control over everyone in every way, shape and form.
    God is in control, however, sometimes we can all be impatient waiting for him to show his hand. It will happen, and it will happen big time.
    To all of those that were involved with the takedown of the Freedom Convoys, across Canada, let it be known that you were a pawn being used by satanic leadership, and will be found just as guilty as them. “Just doing my job” will be absolutely no defense, you will all be brought down in the same manner. So, be you politician, police, military, media, legal eagles or the everyday Joe. Stealing God given freedoms without just cause are grounds for your detainment and possible execution. Nobody is above God’s Law. God will be your judge and executioner.