How legitimate can it be for a prime minister to ruin federal election integrity in Canada, and remain leader of our country?

by Brad Salzberg

March 10. 2023

Despite coast-to coast consternation regarding China’s election interference in two previous federal elections, no one appears willing to stand and deliver the ominous news:

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has weakened– and possibly destroyed– Canadian voter’s faith in our federal electoral system. To do so constitutes a grave crime. Although myriad factors have contributed to democratic degeneration, Mr. Trudeau is ultimately responsible.

In truth, the PM has always had a cowardly streak about him. Hiding himself away throughout the Truckers Convoy protest in early 2022 being an excellent example.

Trudeau has never fessed up to any form of wrongdoing. In Liberal la-la-land, that’s a rule. Likely motivated by not knowing how to respond, the PM runs to back-room strategists Katie Telford and Gerald Butts to formulate a come-back strategy.

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