Good day all.

At this point you are hopefully fully aware of the total collapse of the Covid “narrative”. Everything you believed in, all the liars you trusted, all the stooges and incompetent government goons have been shown to be a complete fraud. The “science” you worshipped like a goggle-eyed 12-year-old girl has been proven to be a sham.

Everything you tied your supine obedience to has been hollowed out, chewed up, spat out, and torn asunder. To add insult to injury, it is being shredded to pieces in the mainstream media, and your ilk are being deservedly ridiculed on Saturday Night Live.

Let’s break the article down.

Natural immunity has been proven to be substantially better than vaccine immunity.
Disgusting bacteria infested face rags never prevented transmission, and actually added to respiratory infections.
School closures failed to reduce transmission, simply adding trauma and mental retardation to children’s upbringing.
Myocarditis is an epidemic among young vaccinated males.
Youth never needed a “booster”.
Mandates did nothing to encourage (coerce) the unvaccinated.
Wuhan lab leak theory is legitimate.
“Science” couldn’t even advise correctly on booster intervals.
Long covid is a fraud conducted by uninformed doctors and sickly idle layabout vaccine-injured hypochondriacs.

And that’s just a start.

Add to this utter social and medical gongshow the vaccine damage (injury, death, disability), all the “died suddenlies”, strokes and heart attacks, the increase in all-cause mortality rates in western vaccinated nations (a rate that is now doubling each month), the fraud of alleging claims of transmission reduction for a “vaccine” that was never tested or proven to reduce transmission, the medial apartheid of the disgusting Nazi era vaccine passport, the economic damage of your employment policies, the personal losses from marginalizing the unvaccinated, and the damage caused to unvaccinated employees (and customers) by your psychopathic, hypochondria driven totalitarian mass psychosis. Add to this the collective damage to public mental health caused by employers like yourselves supporting insane unscientific hysterical government dogma.

Most of this revelation hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. It’s just as well. Imagine being overloaded with the total assault on the senses. That everything you believed was a lie. It has to be drip fed to the vast stupid mindless herd so they don’t overload on grief. It must be a strange feeling processing this. The total and utter fraud committed against society. And to think, YOU were part of it. Forever associated with such vast evil deceit. And we haven’t even got into who actually designed, funded, patented, and conducted the bioweapon/gain of function research.

For myself, as documented previously I experienced further significant damage to my health and wellbeing, after a period of actually recovering from employment induced “poorbeing”. Your psychopathic onslaught had significant consequences. You thought you had driven me away into retirement, away from [REDACTED] by design. The great unwanted. Called childish names, insulted and verbally abused by the mindless horde. In reality I had chosen a different path when I saw your conduct during the early phase of the mass hoax. It only took me a few weeks in early 2020 before I had figured everything out. In my mind the mass hoax was very clear to see, and everything as is unfolding right now was predictable. Reference to numerous previous emails sent by me will testify to my analysis of cutting edge science and medical research. Who is now proven right, and not simply with hindsight? By proof of previous correspondence, who actually knew more than “medical experts” and PHO’s?

Only the low IQ obedient drones with personalities that favour obedience and compliance as a virtue (therefore, most [REDACTED] employees and managers) would fall for this ruse. Nobody with an inquisitive personality or from a research and analysis background would fall for it. Most of it was too stupid and obvious to even pass the first “sniff test”. So, unsurprisingly, [REDACTED] fell for it all hook line and sinker.

So, to the subject of the New York Post article, and the intention of this email.


Will I and my kind ever receive an apology? Will we ever receive reparations for such crimes against humanity? For such revolting and inhuman treatment? For being marginalized and mistreated?

Of course not.

We all chose our red lines, margins and our lines in the sand. We chose sides. The stupid and obedient or the intelligent and inquisitive. Of course the latter were always going to be the minority. It couldn’t happen any other way.

I’m actually glad that you showed your true colors.

I hope one day you are hunted down like rats by the raging mob. No apology would ever suffice, in fact I don’t want an apology. I want vengeance, retribution, and justice. The clock ticks slowly, but surely.

I don’t have sleepless nights, or stare blankly at the stain ridden beige office walls covered in woke propaganda, reflecting on what pronouns to use today. Wondering what went wrong, why I didn’t question it, why I was comfortable charging head first into mass totalitarian anti-human psychosis like a bunch of deranged lemmings. Why I had no feelings for my fellow human being. Why I considered them lesser beings if they railed against the “policy” of madness and hypochondria.

Not a single one of you are conscious or sentient enough to reply with an apology.

And that’s OK. It’s how it is. It’s how we are now divided, as a divergent human species. Sentient, conscious humans, and the vacuous non-sentient “other”. Call it a test, and many failed, few passed. Some refer to it as an IQ test. I think it’s more subtle than that. We would never stoop to such depths. It was a test of whether you were actually human enough to navigate through one of the greatest frauds ever conducted against humanity. A test of your morals, ethics, values, and personal integrity.

And remember, the full public disclosure of all of this hasn’t even begun. Imagine in a few years time when someone sits you down and tells you that a man who hacks off his penis and testicles and wears women’s clothes is not, in fact, a woman. That biological men who hijack women’s sports are not actually women and they actually “won” nothing. Or that performing genital surgery on children is a criminal act. Or that the exposure of one’s genitals to young children is a disgusting, immoral and depraved crime. That child sexual grooming is still socially unacceptable to the masses.

You have lost your sense of civility and caved in to the depravity and highly contagious woke mental illness virus.

One day it will all go full circle. Sure, it will come as a shock to you. As the covid hoax will. And ironically, you’ll be the first ones demanding an apology, instead of admitting your complicit role in this mass psychosis. There may be no sympathy for you, and the full weight of society’s broad disgust may be brought down upon your heads. There may be a palpable public outrage that demands justice. You may lose everything you hold dear and precious. Unless you’re extremely stupid, you can already sense the changing winds. That the madness and psychosis of the western world is now crumbling under its own weight.

One day, you may accept your guilt. But I won’t hold my breath. That would take a significant awakening. You’re just not yet ready for that.

You disgust me and your inhumanity and depravity disgusts me.

But anyway, we were proven right in the end. Without the risk of myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, disability or sudden death.

Feels good!


Non-human former fully depreciated zero value asset known as unit [REDACTED].




  1. Wow! What a legitimate rant and I agree completely. Wish I had written it as it describes exactly how I fell about my fellow citizens.

    After spending all of my adult life serving my country and helping people in various parts of the world and then being subjected to the harassment garbage of the mindless “sheep” people, crooked politicians, uncaring medical persons and illiterate law enforcement officials, I wish them a painful and horrible death for believing the propaganda.

    However, I am often comforted by an old saying, “An old soldier survives and often wonders why.”

    • We are a divergent species. You and I and many others are not like “them”. They have become a different and distinct subspecies. I tend to observe them as if I were totally detached, like how an alien visitor invisible to the mass of humanity would monitor and observe their strange behaviour. Interactions with their kind aren’t pleasant, there’s no warmth or human connection. They are disembodied, empty, non-sentient husks. When I’ve been near them I yearn for the connection to my own kind, and I’d rather live an introverted, isolated hermetic life rather than be exposed to their psychosis. I find it to be dangerous, to my soul and my health.

      It also helps me value my own kind much more and appreciate them much more than ever. People like you, people who read this site, and the people in my network.