March 6, 2023

After UK citizens were assured that they could gather with their families for Christmas in December 2020, the government rescinded its promise; leaked messages show that former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock told aides he wanted to ‘frighten the pants off everyone’ to ensure compliance with COVID-19 lockdown.

The WhatsApp scandal has exposed 100,000 text messages. Hancock told top London lawyers he should be immune from prosecution as he has been accused of failing to protect people in care homes (nursing homes) as he ignored medical advice to test people before placing them in the facilities.

In June 2021, Hancock had to step down as Health Secretary after photos emerged showing he had violated his own social distancing rules to pursue an extramarital affair with UK Department of Health employee, and millionaire activist, Gina Coladangelo, who was earning £15,000 a month. Hancock and Coladangelo were both married at the time and have since left their families.

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