Beyond The Narrative

March 3, 2023

There is much controversy about Conservative PM Candidate Pierre Poilievere and his current or past involvement with the World Economic Forum (WEF) , or whether he was involved at all.

In 2021, Poilievre was listed on the WEF as is noted in this archived page. Since posting this, we have received a number of comments from Poilievre supporters denouncing this information with claims that anyone can post on the WEF site, web archives aren’t real, that posting a link back to the WEF website is not proof, or that it’s misleading to have anyone on the list without multiple confirmations of involvement.  It is worth noting that while researching membership, we also noted that two other prominent politicians were removed from the WEF site the week of February 22, 2022; Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer. Screen shots taken prior to their removal are available in our library, and can also be seen archived on the same site that referenced Poilievre, here and here. It is interesting that this is timed prior to elections. We did reach out to Mr. Poilievre’s office and asked if he could explain why he was listed on the WEF site when he is claiming he has never been involved with the World Economic Forum. At the time of writing we have not yet received a response.

Poilievre is a career politician who won his first elected seat in 2004. He is clean cut, intelligent, educated, well spoken and has made a name for himself calling out the government and demanding answers. He has recently announced that he will be running for Prime Minister of Canada in the next election, with freedom being a major part of his platform.

For the past two years, the Federal Conservative party has been generally quiet on all of the restrictions placed up on Canadians, and Conservative Provincial Governments have had some of the harshest restrictions in the country.  Why, now and only recently, are freedom and Charter Rights part of the Conservative platform?  One has to wonder if the national outpouring of support of the Freedom Convoy played a role in determining a favourable election platform. Or is it because now Poilievre is in a position of leadership and able to speak freely about his views?  But if that’s the case, why was he on the WEF website?

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