1. I have no love or use for Chris Sky and am still leaning towards the idea that he’s controlled opposition, given he hasn’t been persecuted like other free speakers in Canuckistan are. That said, he is right. Small PP is totally controlled. On all the more critical issues in Canada, he has been either complicit with Trudeau or completely silent about. You don’t demonstrate ‘opposition’ by going with the flow all the time, especially when that flow is outright killing Canuckistanians. They had to fix a leadership campaign to get him in, notably by putting Charest in to make sure small PP looked better in comparison and marginalizing everyone else, especially Lewis and Baber, both of who could have actually ‘earned’ the CPC vote, instead of demanding it like some 5-year-old wanting more candy than everyone else. Still…

    a) This isn’t new news. It’s been known for what, a year, now? Maybe longer?

    b) The photo with him and Bill Gates was all the proof I needed he was on the inside.

    But this is how the establishment works: Control the leader and you control the party. Make sure your agenda continues without interruption. No matter who wins, we lose. Anyone who thinks or believes that small PP is going to be any better than Trudeau is completely and utterly divorced from reality and has no ability to think for themselves. This will be a total continuation of the anti-Canuckistanian agenda with the endgame of killing us all.

    Sorry if sound depressing all the time, but I won’t call a spade a diamond because some agenda-ist is trying to poison my mind into thinking/believing otherwise.

  2. Very disappointing…I found the Conservative platform weak and vague on their posts on FB.When they advertise for a change against the Liberal Tyranny their Facebook post provides no way to vote or post an opinion without having to first donate money to the Conservative Party..odd and suspicious.💕🇨🇦


    @PierrePoilievre s wife @AnaPoilievre wife in 2020 was CEO of SWITCH HEALTH leading supplier of covid test kits. Calvin Rovinescue CEO of Air Canada retired after giving @SwitchHealthCA the @AirCanada contract. Now investor/senior strategic advisor at switch

    Summary: Insider contracts and profiteering over a fake crisis. Wake up, sheeple. This was a planned wealth transfer and the entire House of Elites are in on it. It’s no wonder they went after Mackenzie with false charges to break him and his life. Was he onto something, here?