They discuss why rapid (turbo) cancers are rising in young COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated individuals, what may be causing them, and why we are seeing a rise in all sorts of neurological injuries (blindness, hearing problems, tinnitus, paralysis, movement disorders, seizures, brain fog, migraines) and mental health issues after COVID-19 vaccination, including family members reporting changes in behavior in their COVID-19 vaccinated loved ones, erratic driving, increase in anger and other unusual behaviors. They also discuss a 53% rise in Canadian physician mortality in 2022 compared to 2019, a 900% increase in the deaths of young Canadian doctors under age 30 and an increase in rapid (turbo) cancers among young 4x or 5x-vaccinated doctors that claim their lives in less than a year.

Dr. Makis Substack:
Video source: Stew Peters Network on Rumble