by Maxime Bernier

Peoples Party of Canada

March 3, 2023

We’ve known for a long time that Trudeau admires China’s basic dictatorship, but now we also know how much China’s dictatorship admires Trudeau!

Over the last few weeks, there have been numerous leaks from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) documenting connections between the Chinese Communist Party and Trudeau and his Liberal Party.

In recent days we’ve learned that the Chinese Communist Party engaged in broad political interference in Canadian elections in the form of disinformation campaigns, undeclared cash donations and the use of Chinese students studying in Canada as campaign volunteers to support preferred candidates.

What has Trudeau’s response been to this damning news?

He’s criticized CSIS officials, demanding they weed out whoever is making these leaks, and dodged any questions about an independent inquiry.

Instead of holding China accountable for interfering in our politics, Trudeau is attacking our own intelligence services for working to protect us! It’s unbelievable!

And what does Pierre Poilievre have to say about this? He’s too scared of being labelled a racist to offer any real opposition.

In a statement issued earlier this week, Pierre referred to the Chinese government as the “Beijing Communist Party” rather than its true name, the Chinese Communist Party.

He’s scared Trudeau or the corporate media will call him racist if he uses the word “Chinese”!

Here is what needs to happen starting immediately:

  1. We need an INDEPENDENT inquiry into all claims of election interference. The Commissioner of this inquiry can not be another hand-picked Liberal insider like we saw with the Freedom Convoy inquiry. It must be a non-partisan judge who will act in the interest of Canadians, not Justin Trudeau.
  2. There must be an independent audit of the Trudeau Foundation. We know that the Chinese Communist Party donated $1 million to buy Trudeau’s favour. How many more bribes have been laundered through the Trudeau Foundation from foreign governments, pharmaceutical companies, or super rich elites?
  3. Don Valley North MP, Han Dong, must resign immediately, as well as any other MP whose election or nomination contest was affected by foreign interference. There must be prompt, free, and fair by-elections held in all these ridings.
  4. Finally, and most importantly, Trudeau must RESIGN as Prime Minister and MP for Papineau.

These CSIS leaks have made it clear to Canadians and the world that Trudeau does not have the credibility, moral authority, or integrity to continue governing Canada. Therefore, he must step down immediately to restore faith in our government and institutions.

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