“The friendship toward China that my father taught me, I’m hoping to pass on not only to my children, but to generations of Canadians in the future.” — Justin Trudeau.

by Brad Salzberg


March 1, 2023

A recent controversy surrounding Chinese government interference in the past two Canadian federal elections continues to dig up dirt on alleged illicit behaviour.

Curated by the National Post, First Reading is a Canadian political newsletter published on a weekly basis. This week, they dropped several bombs on the Liberal-China controversy, including exposure of one million dollars in funding to non-profit organization the Pierre Trudeau Foundation:

“The prime minister[Justin Trudeau] was the star attraction at this exclusive cash for access event with Chinese billionaires,” stated Conservative MP Blaine Calkins during Question Period.

“Zhang Bin is a political advisor to the Chinese government, and after attending the event, he and his partner donated $1 million, including $50,000 to build a statue of former prime minister [Pierre Trudeau].

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  1. And was going back to 2015.

    You may want to do an article about this. I found it quite the curious read: https://teddit.net/u/oldwindcustomer

    I remember when I first read about the mass influx of cash to the Dictator Foundation that the amount of foreign money exploded in 2015, which raised my first red flags about the legitimacy of our elections back then. Looks like this helps to confirm my suspicions.

  2. Selling out one’s own country for personal and/or financial gains is akin to TREASON and should be dealt with as per one’s nations laws.