Everything China needs to know is on the internet

by Bruce O’Hara


February 28, 2023

There was a great kerfuffle a few weeks ago about a Chinese ‘spy balloon’ drifting across the United States. The truth is, the Chinese have no need for ‘spy balloons.’ Everything China needs to know about America and the West is freely available on the internet.

China follows American and Western media very closely, tracking both mainstream media and alternative media. They know far more about American Government actions and intentions than the average American does.

Here’s what China knows about America.

The Demonization of Russia:

China can see that Russia has been demonized in the American press for almost a decade, starting with the Russia-gate hoax.

China knows that Russia only sent troops to Ukraine after 8 years of deliberate American provocations, starting with the US-engineered Maiden coup in 2014.

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