Of rising concern to many Canadians is the issue of domestic sovereignty — whether related to Canada’s relationship with the World Economic Forum (W.E.F.), the World Health Organization, or the United Nations.

One of the brightest and strongest minds in Parliament on this topic is Dr. Leslyn Lewis.

Dr. Lewis holds a Ph.D. in international law and holds a Master of Environmental Studies. She brings a unique depth of understanding and discernment to this topic.

Recently, Dr. Lewis released a video briefing outlining information she uncovered regarding a charter Canada signed in 2020, the Agile Nations Charter. This show features her video briefing.




  1. Collusion between Canada and WEF was or is wrong regardless of the pandemic. It’s obvious the global elites’ intention to deindustrialize and depopulate the earth when highly suspicious activities are occurring, e.g. killing agriculture, oil & gas and other resources, all essential to human survival. Canada’s governance is corrupt and destructive, oblivious to the population’s plight.

    Can’t trust Trudeau on anything. A criminal and traitor re-using the racist card again when questioned about China.

    A broken Canada indeed, and that no one has been able to stop the obvious by removing and prosecuting the traitor and his sheeple is astonishing.

    Most unfortunate but well done by CSIS to denounce treason and criminality because the morons couldn’t be loyal and redeem themselves.

    Now, the question, “Is it too late to re-establish our sovereignty and good government?” “Or, is the damage too grave with the nation already in the hands of corrupt and evil global entities, no matter what political party governs?”

    The situation should have never been allowed to turn so dire.

  2. And my question would be, if Leslyn Lewis is so pro sovereignty, then how come she has back tracked on Christine Anderson. Shouldn’t she be telling Polivier that he doesn’t speak for her.