This weekend Pierre Poilievre was exposed as the fraud he is.

by Maxime Bernier

Leader – Peoples Party of Canada

February 27, 2023

It all started Friday morning when Pierre condemned Christine Anderson, calling her a vile racist and suggesting she should never have come to Canada.

For those unaware, Christine is a Member of the European Parliament representing Germany in the European Union.

Christine rose to prominence in Canada last year shortly after the Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau was abroad and set to address the European Parliament, and before he was able to do so Christine stood and demanded he not be allowed to speak given his human rights violations in dismantling the Freedom Convoy.

You can watch the clip at this link.

Christine became an instant hero for those in the Canadian Freedom Movement! She had called out Trudeau on the world stage, something our so-called opposition had failed to do for 2 years.

Fast forward to a year later, Christine was on a cross Canada tour for a week, hosting successful events in major cities.

She had lunch with CPC MPs, Leslyn Lewis, Dean Allison, and Colin Carrie.

This triggered a backlash from the mainstream media and special interest groups like the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

And what did Pierre do? He capitulated to the mainstream media and the woke mob.

He issued a statement to the media calling her vile and racist.

Instead of standing up for his MPs, he threw them under the bus and put words in their mouths, making it seem like they regretted meeting with her.

Many people have been questioning Pierre’s response, asking what Christine has done or said that is vile or racist.

Christine is a member of the German political party Alternative for Deutschland or AfD. Much like the PPC, the AfD is critical of mass immigration.

Because of this common sense position, Christine and the AfD are vilified as “far-right” and “racist” according to the mainstream media, and Pierre Poilievre!

I’m proud to stand with Christine! She’s a brave freedom fighter and I was so happy to finally meet her in person. You can watch our meeting together at this link.

But Pierre’s woke weekend wasn’t done there!

Later in the day Pierre attended and spoke at a pro-Ukraine rally with other establishment politicians like Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau.

Look at these two! Can you spot the difference?

During his speech Pierre made the commitment that if he forms government, he would continue to send Canadian tax dollars and resources to fuel the ongoing proxy war between Russia and the US in Ukraine.

The PPC remains the only voice in Canada calling for de-escalation and peace talks.

For years I have been critical of the CPC’s shameless pandering to ethnic minorities.

But warmongering and supporting endless foreign wars to appease an ethnic bloc domestically is a new low for the CPC.

I’ve said right from the beginning of Pierre’s leadership that it was only a matter of time before he pivoted away from the Freedom Movement and started pandering.

Pandering to specific regions of the country, to immigrant communities in and around the big cities, to the mainstream media and the woke mob.

I will always reject this style of politics.

I will continue to do politics differently. To stand for ALL Canadians no matter what the corporate media and the woke mob says or does.

Pierre will not be the end of the PPC as so many of our critics claimed.

We’re just getting started!

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