Trudeau couldn’t have said it better. Pierre Poilievre may not have though. Toronto Sun’s Brian Lilley is telling the public that Pierre had bad things to say about Christine Anderson on her recent visit. The real question is, did he say this? Only time will tell, but if he did, this will drive a wedge withing his own base of support.




  1. So is Pierre Controlled Opposition? That is the question. He has not called for the halting of the vaccine and an inquiry. He has not stopped all mandates and brought back all nurses etc. Question and answer is nothing but theatrics, even the house speaker says they do not have to answer any questions. So what is the point? To keep us all thinking we have a real democracy, and opposition. At this point I am leaning towards Bernie.

  2. I believe Mr Poilievre is on VERY thin ice… he has been the target of attacks that from the outside seem to be almost exactly what he is now (assuming he did say what is attributed to him on the matter) saying about someone else… I can think of a saying about glass houses but with a twist as he seems to be defending those who normally are attacking him. Not good optics. What I find even more disturbing is that Mr Poilievre says he stands for free speech and expression yet appears to feel he has the right to shut up someone he does not agree with (assuming he even really knows what Mrs Anderson does stand for)… this is not support for free speech or expression but is in point of fact, an attempt to silence and cancel, to de-platform someone he does not like which is a mirror image of what Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are doing.

    As a Conservative party member I am frustrated. Why is the national convention being held in Quebec City when most members are in the west? Why is Mr Poilievre still surrounding himself with bleeding red Tories and Old guard (the Harper sycophants who were responsible for his loss and JT getting into office in the first place)… The last 2 elections were lost because the Conservatives keep abandoning their base and trying to gain on the left… it will not work. It is why so many people joined the party to insure that we had a conservative party in fact and not just name but I fear that Mr Poilievre is still being dragged left by those he had chosen as his closest advisors… The single biggest thing Mr Poilievre has going for him is that he comes off as someone who says what they mean and mean what they say, someone who can be trusted to do what he says he will do… if he looses that he may well loose the next election… now the question is… is that the whole point to this controversy… before this incident, he was looking at a majority government if an election were called today… now that is very much in question.