INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL ISSUES CEASE & DESIST ORDER AGAINST WHO & 194 member nations carrying out genocide & crimes against humanity through fraudulent “WHO Pandemic Treaty + International Health Regulations + Codex Alimentarius”


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -On September 26, 2023 an International Tribunal lawfully carried out Service of Process of a Cease & Desist Order Against an international Genocider & Criminal Conspiracy by the WHO [World Health Organization] & 194 Member Nations at their international headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, just as this co-conspiracy was deceptively carrying out Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity under the Fraudulent cover of “WHO Pandemic Treaty + International Health Regulations + Codex Alimentarius”.
The lawful documentation of this historic event can be accessed at the Tribunal’s website at
and at:
Defendants World Health Organization [WHO] & Criminal Co-conspirators, Genociders & Defendants named & unnamed: Tribunal Cease & Desist Order & Writ of Mandamus to Constitutional Law Enforcement to Arrest and Incarcerate Defendants

Depth & Depravity of the WHO
The full depth and depravity of the WHO criminal co-conspiracy is documented and set out in a 237-page Cease and Desist Order and Writ of Mandamus that now can be publically accessed at:

Download !!!!TRIBUNAL CEASE & DESIST ORDER AGAINST – WHO – WHO CA+ CONVENTION + WHO INR REGULATIONS + CODEX ALIMENTARIS + USA +JOE BIDEN + + CANADA-TRUDEAU-WEF + 194 WHO MEMBER NATIONS – WRIT OF MANDAMUS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT—who—who-ca-convention-who-inr-regulations-codex-alimentaris-usa-joe-biden-canada-trudeau-wef-194-who-member-nations—writ-of-mandamus-to-law-enforcement.pdf

The Mission and Jurisdiction of the International Tribunal of Conscience
The Mission and Jurisdiction of the International Tribunal of Conscience, like the 1969 Lord Bertrand Russell Vietnam Tribunal of Conscience against the unlawful War in Vietnam, is to enforce Natural law, Common Law, and Treaty Law such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights[1] and the International Criminal Court Statute[2] against genocide and crimes against humanity where the civil court structure is failing to do so. See this useful article on our Tribunal of Conscience “Private Tribunals of Conscience: Their History and Why They Matter” by Ralph Fucetola, JD[3]
The International Tribunal of Conscience was founded on November 15, 2020 with the Issuance of an Indictment against Pandemic Perpetrators and a Final Judgment dated November 29, 2020.
The Tribunal Judges, Advisers, and Counsel of the Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice and the Tribunal Certificate of Safe Conduct can be found here [4]

[1] Universal Declaration of Human Rights
[2] International Criminal Court Statute
[3] Private Tribunals of Conscience & Why They Matter

[4] Tribunal Judges, Advisers, and Counsel



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