Charged for treating unvaccinated patients, such as Sheriff Deputy Jason Jones by Houston Methodist and Texas Health Huguley hospitals


February 27, 2023

After treating over 5,500 patients with COVID, Bowden is facing the Texas Medical Board (TMB) for complaints against her from two Texas hospitals. She is not accused of harming a single patient.

Doctor v Medical Board

“I’m still treating my patients while forced to fight for my license,” Bowden told Friday after an “informal” hearing with members of the TMB.

“People close to me have encouraged me to give up for my own well-being, but I’ve witnessed too much and could not live with myself if I didn’t keep going. I did nothing wrong and will fight for what’s right – which is caring for patients.”

It serves as a precedent for all of our nation’s medical boards

The doctor is facing complaints from Houston Methodist Hospital and Texas Health Huguely Hospital in Fort Worth.

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  1. Well, she has 5,500 witnesses who can testify how she did the right thing. While they will have that many fake experts who will say whatever the establishment wants them to (for the right price), does the establishment have that many witnesses to say she did the wrong thing? Not likely. The establishment is going to win this one, since they can’t afford to set a precedent, but it’ll be curious to see how badly this ruling stinks of corruption.