It’s not only election interference that is coming from China. China’s form of governance is being emulated by the Liberal government of Canada.

by Brad Salzberg

February 27,  2023

As reported this week in the Globe and Mail, “Canada’s leaders have been told numerous times in recent years about China’s malign influence campaigns operating in this country – and have done little about it.”

Smart money says this will remain a de facto standard as PM Justin Trudeau continues to transition Canada from democracy to neo-dictatorship. Away from media presentation, the government of China exists as a template for our country’s conversion to authoritarian state status.

To help accomplish the goal, the behemoth nation of the far east is meddling in Canada’s federal election process:

“Globe and Mail journalists viewed secret documents from Canada’s most senior security agency that alleged that Chinese diplomats in Canada have recruited or pressed proxies to smear candidates deemed critical of China and funded the campaigns of their rivals, in a program aimed at preventing the Conservative Party from winning elections in 2019 and 2021.”

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