by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


February 27, 2023

Unfortunately , the efforts in Canada to objectively review Governments’ approaches to the alleged covid pandemic have failed .

The Public Order Commission by any reasonable viewpoint is flawed given it is a Government examining itself . Parliament had wrongly ceded authority to Government to appoint a Commissioner and set the terms of reference of the inquiry to examine itself.

The National Citizens Inquiry while initially promising quickly degenerated into conflict of interest problems when Hon. Preston Manning who was a part of the inquiry( on the board of the non profit corporation ) and spoke for it and its independence from Government suddenly took a position at the same time with a Government led inquiry , the Alberta Government Panel.

Sadly the Alberta Panel , the third great hope for Canadians, has faltered.

First, this Inquiry ( really it is called a panel and this wording itself diminishes its significance) is led by a person, Mr. Manning again, who was in a conflict of interest situation. Mr. Manning had maintained there was no real conflict in wearing two hats, leading an independent non government national inquiry and a government led Provincial Panel on the same subject , that it could be managed and only stepped down from the NCI after considerable internal and external pressure was brought to bear. Whether he still has a role in the NCI is unclear.

“Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done”. Lord Hewart , Lord Chief Justice of England —1924

Second, the Alberta Inquiry is a Government led inquiry , not a legislature led one, or a totally independent citizens led one. And while it is a different Government than the Government that was most involved with covid policies it is still the Government with some of the same people in the public service and Cabinet that were involved with the questionable covid policies of the previous government. It would seem appropriate for the Government to involve the Legislature , with the Inquiry being overseen by the Legislature, the elected peoples house , especially given the criticisms directed at Government policies and the obvious conflict of interest overtones.

‘When the body of the people is possessed of the supreme power, it is called a democracy.’
Montesquieu—17 century political philosopher

Thirdly , there is little being said about accountability: holding anyone or agency of Government accountable. Surely, the first order of business , if mistakes are objectively determined , is to hold those people or entities accountable. This is particularly true in these circumstances where lives were lost, people permanently injured , families destroyed, young people negatively impacted , jobs lost and the list is long.

Fourthly, two very important concepts do not seem to be front centre: independent science and our Constitution : our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Has justice been served in the application of medical science and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the past thee years. ? That’s the question! If not , why not? If not, who is responsible? Change is only possible when it is clearly known what did not work and why?

Fifthly, and like a lot of supporters of the present Alberta Government, I am disappointed in those who have been appointed to serve on the panel . No doubt each one has contributed to the country in the past. They represent, therefore, more the establishment and the present governing narrative than what many of us believe are the views of the Premier.

The whole idea for suspecting gross errors and having inquiries and panels in the first place is that the present elites have let us down: the Governments , the medical establishment, academia , the mainstream media, our judiciary ——and a fresh new look is needed —based on all the science, and adherence to the constitution as written by the elected , and an abiding realization of lives lost, injured and economies seriously disrupted , and individual rights and freedoms discarded without justification. State coercion and the subsequent attack on individual autonomy have been the unfortunate consequences. If this is not robustly and objectively assessed ,which seems remote from what I read is the function of this panel , little of substance will change.

Alberta has an abundance of freedom fighters in science and law and politics —-names like David Redman, Dr. Roger Hodikson, Dr. Eric Payne , organizations like the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, The Canadian Constitutional Foundation, lawyers like Keith Wilson, Leighton Gray and Jeffrey Rath. And , for example, if David Redman was unavailable for personal reasons to serve naming him as an Honorary Member of The Panel would have acknowledged that credible alternative views were welcome.

Then there are the other distinguished Canadians like Dr. Steven Pelech , Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Steven Malthouse, Dr. Francis Christian , Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Chis Milburn , lawyer Michael Alexander and Professor Bruce Pardy and security experts like Daniel Bulford, Tom Morrazzo, and politicians like Maxim Bernier and Derek Sloan to name just a few. And organizations like the Canadian Society for The Advancement of Science in Public Policy and the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, the Canadian Citizens For The Charter of Rights and Freedoms led by Russ Cooper and We Unify Canada led by Jonathan Bower. And there are many more.

One would have thought that some of these leaders would have been appropriate for the Panel in order to bring robust , challenging views to the table. And real change!

Holding those people and entities responsible for any proven errors given the gravity of human loss and dislocation of society one would think would have been be the Panel’s priority. It seems ,however , this is not the case.

Heroic leader Tamara Lich is an Albertan . She led a formidable, legal civil disobedience effort and is still fighting. While her Federal Government is prosecuting her, there was the expectation by many that her new Provincial Government would give her hope.

That is not at all clear today.

Hon. Brian Peckford P.C.
P.S. The more one thinks about this , the whole attempt to whitewash the blatant errors the more revulsive it all becomes . I am forced to quote a segment of Del Bigtree’s essay as summarized by author Richard House responding to the call for amnesty.

‘Before forgiveness comes repentance


Call for covid amnesty met with astonishment.

THERE have been many responses to the recent proposal by Professor of Economics Emily Oster for an ‘amnesty’ and a moving-on from all the schisms that have typified the covid era.

One of the most devastating ripostes came from the host of the HighWire media platform, journalist Del Bigtree.

This is a summary of the case that Bigtree made against Oster’s amnesty proposal – in his own words, from episode 292 of The HighWire.

“Let us be the ones that forgive so that we can go back. In some ways what is being asked of us is to forgive. I think forgiveness is a good thing, but in order to forgive, there’s something that first has to happen.

“To all those people who were opposed to what I’ve been saying, and who were censoring The HighWire – could you please articulate for me all those things that we are supposed to forgive? Because I don’t know. I don’t know what you know, and what you don’t know. I think that’s important in this place of forgiveness. So what are we supposed to forgive? Are we supposed to forgive that you locked down and took away our jobs, our dreams of having a future? In that process, you destroyed our economy, not just in America but across the world.

“Are we supposed to forgive all the sanitising and all the spraying and the destruction of our nasal passages, as you tested us with the product which itself couldn’t even test properly? And how about all those who died and weren’t treated correctly in hospitals? And we couldn’t even get to our loved ones to say goodbye to them – the elderly, our aunts and uncles, our mothers, our fathers.

“Instead, we were left outside, and they were left to die alone. We couldn’t even go to a funeral. And how about all the suicides
that took place, and the child abuse and domestic abuse and drug abuse? Or turning our children into hypochondriacs?

“How about denying people transplants because they didn’t want an experimental ‘vaccine’? And what this product to our innocent children who are not at risk?

“And how many athletes have been crashing to the floor unable to play again, or maybe dead? All the performers who can’t get through a concert or can’t even perform any on myocarditis (the swelling of the heart) – something he knew about more than anyone else. So in the very moment when Dr McCullough’s licence is being taken away and he’s under attack, we’re supposed to give amnesty right now?

“And what is it I’m supposed to forgive you for? Because there’s
a word that goes along with forgiveness, if we’re to look at the biblical spiritual nature of this.

That word is ‘repent’.

You see, in order to deserve to be forgiven, you must articulate what you were being forgiven for. That’s called ‘repenting’.

So please explain to me what you think you did wrong here.

“Because at the Nuremberg Trials, which is what maybe is about to happen in the USA, the doctors did not repent; they did not say they made a mistake. What they said was, ‘We didn’t know better – we were just following orders. We were just doing what we were told, and there was no way to know better.’

“I’m all about forgiveness, but I’m not even ready for that conversation till I hear those that made that mistake, those that continue to censor, those that continue to attack, and those who will not admit that these are not sudden adult syndrome deaths; we’re not randomly seeing excess mortality deaths around the world because maybe we locked down for the wrong reasons.
“No, when you stop being mystified by this rise in deaths and get to the reality that you gave an unproven, untested pharmaceutical product that was killing every animal in every animal trial prior to giving it to human beings; when you admit that, just maybe it is the ‘vaccines’ that are killing us around the world, dying and collapsing on fields and collapsing in cages.
“When you’re ready to repent, I will forgive. And then, and only then, will we consider amnesty.”



  1. The pattern is being put into place, Honourable Mr. Peckford. Any time anyone challenges anything that is not pro-government must be silenced, by means necessary, either through internal corruption due to agents placed within (such as the POEC and likely what Mr. Manning was trying to head up) or overtly with brutal force (such as a convoy). You, sir, would have had experience with that by challenging the right for any person to fly and watched that fail due to slight-of-hand manipulation by the same establishment that coerced people to take these kill jabs in the first place. The legal system is entirely owned by the political system; the fact that so many judges and prosecutors are Liberal donators should be met with condemnation, not silence. Tamara Lich herself faced that instance twice during her persecution hearings.

    We will never have forgiveness for this because the animals that continue to oppress us refuse to repent or even recognize that anything they are doing is wrong. However, with the increasing draconian laws being passed without challenge demonstrates to me they know what they are doing is flat-out wrong and they are scared of us.

    Another thing that bothers me is there is simply no way this can end peacefully. The convoy tried peace. They tried peace with such willingness and determination that no media lies smears, paid agents fabricating crimes or police theft was able to break. They had to go in with pure violence and shear brute force that resulted in one death and plenty injured to end it. The government which has now established itself as a dictatorship does not want peace; it wants compliance or it will use violence. They have no qualms with making an example out of any location, such as torching Lytton BC or the mass shooting in Nova Scotia.