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Pierre Poilievre just cost himself the election. I cannot believe he was so disrespectful. He has now stripped himself of the freedom moment!

Poilievre condemns ‘racist’ views of far-right German politician who met Tory MPs

by Staff

Canadian Press

February 24, 2023

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre denounced a German politician after several Tory MPs were criticized for meeting with her while she was in Canada this week.
In a written statement responding to the concerns Friday Poilievre said Anderson’s views are “vile” and that her “racist, hateful views are not welcome here.”
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  1. Pierre P has just proven himself to be no better than any of the other politicians in Canada. Presently Canada has no potential politician to fight for leadership. And please do not start pushing the PPC because they are no better. They are pro-abortion that means they agree to crimes against children for sacrifice, adrenochrome & organ harvesting, as that is what abortions are all about it has nothing to do with the woman, she is only a vessel for the growth and nurturing. A baby conceived whether in love or otherwise is a creation of God. Abortion is about hate and murder, it is 100% about Satanic sacrificial rights.
    What Canada needs in leadership are Independents that are willing to step up and represesent their fellow Canadians. And, speak kindly of the entire country, not just one region or another. We need those that are willing to take on the task for a single term and then hand it off to someone else with the same values. We DO NOT need or want political parties. Political parties are only about themselves and what they can get out of the people. My first choice at this point (although he is not running) would be Dr Jordan Peterson, a great orator, and an intellect.

  2. So the PP left it upon others to decide for him what MEP Anderson’s views are and the characterization of those views. That is Adrian Dix levels of weak leadership.
    What Pierre should have done was announce a press conference at the Tory press conference centre. Get up to the podium and then have a staffer draw back the curtains in the back revealing on one side a huge poster of PM Trudeau in his Turban Blackface and on the other, a huge poster of the Ukrainian Azov battalion with their Nazi-symbology. Big. Overwhelmingly big. To the point of distraction.
    Then say simply: “I don’t think I need any lessons from this clown what is racist and what is far-right” And then walk out.
    Alas. Turns out that Danielle Smith and MEP Anderson have a bigger pair than he does.
    I don’t think it cost PP the election, but it did cost him any chance of a majority. In my books, Leslyn Lewis still looks like the bright spot and the future of the Conservative Party of Canada. Too bad and too telling that PP shunted her off to the back of the benches when tradition always had it that leadership contenders got prime shadow positions. The shadow government pack that PP did show off look like a WEF Dream Team. Slick, choiffed, expensive-suited and basically a bunch of clowns I never heard of. However I am optimistic. I get a feeling that the WEF scandal/crimes is going to be such that all parties are going to look threadbare of MPs (same for provincial and municipal governments) when all the s*it gets laid out.
    My two cents worth anyway.

  3. Well, I hate to say this but Jordon Peterson has also been compromised, AmazingPolly exposes Peterson and his admiration of Stalin, he also worked for the UN drafting docs on Sustainable Development which is of course Agenda 2030. So I think Peterson would also have to be vetted before we are to believe him.

  4. colleen simmons: You are right and I agree with you. I didn’t know about the Stalin part (which Trudeau is actually starting to behave like more and more as time goes on). When I saw Jordan Peterson chew out Iran, I started having serious questions about his legitimacy. We have bigger problems than worrying about whether Iran has such issues or not (And from the information I have seen, that info. is blown entirely out of proportion to serve as a distraction from our eroding human rights). So, shame on him for drinking the international kool-aid. Iran has been suffering for the better part of the century due to the US’ handlers wanting them all dead for refusing to bow down the their delusions of supremacy, so you cannot believe or trust a single thing said about them by the same media the US’ handlers also control.

    I am going to argue the other direction, here. I will say this will make an insignificant different (at best) as people will continue to vote for small PP, regardless of how big a hate monger he is:

    – As we know, voting is a joke. We still have 200k votes that were counted, likely helping to keep certain elements of the swamp in their positions of power. And with Trudeau courting Dominion voting system to ensure they can be easily manipulated to prevent anyone with ethics from ever holding a seat, just like with what happens in the US.
    – The establishment will try to memory hole this as quickly as possible, much like how they tried to memory hole the calls those who refused to be jabbed to be killed.
    – Most people still get their news from the paid for establishment.
    – The Establishment that controls Canuckistan wanted small PP installed as the leader. That’s why Charest was put in to run against; to make small PP look good in comparison. Everyone else was marginalized and given no chance to have the platform like those two were. So, with small PP in place, no matter what goes on, all three parties are completely controlled and will all continue the agenda to drive us to extinction.
    – Most people still believe that voting for evil is all you can do and you should vote for what you think is the least of evil. Until that mentality changes, this will still keep the votes.
    – CPC continues to go on their vote-splitting accusations, behaving as though they are entitled to all the right-wing votes or something and I still see many parrots mimicking this approach.

    One curious, unrelated note: When I was out shopping today, I was behind a lady that was talking about bill C-11 going through and what means to financial transactions. I cannot say for a minute she was wrong it was refreshing to hear someone else say what I already knew. It makes me a big glad to see that some random person I stumbled across was also capable of doing her own research.