That Canadian media are complicit in the downfall of democracy in our country is one of the great tragedies of our time.

by Brad Salzberg 

February 26, 2023

Within the world of mainstream media, an immutable law exists: never do the press critique their own kind. As a result, fundamental elements within contemporary politics can easily go unrecognized.

Such is the case with legacy media in Canada. Made even more extreme due to the Liberal government’s financial partnership with our press: government pay them to tow the Liberal line, CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest respond in kind.

The tragedy in all of this remains unspoken. It would be one thing if our current federal government had dedicated themselves to a maintenance of what political science refers to as “Classical Liberalism.”

The concept was unified as a distinct ideology in the 17th century by the English philosopher John Locke, generally regarded as the father of modern Liberalism.

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  1. Media has always been excessively pro-Liberal in Canada for all of my existence and very likely even before then. The example of John Turner vs Brian Mulroney is certainly a good example of this. To summarize: ‘Media’ such as CBC knew through internal polling that John Turner was going to have his derrière handed to him by Mulroney (At the time they were not allowed to post those results, so people were left in the dark). Despite that, they pushed John Turner as the next prime minister right up to election day. While it’s questionable if they were actually ‘lying’ back then since I didn’t see or hear anything about them saying what poll numbers were or who was actually winning (since it was more a case of pro-Liberal hype that was divorced from reality), they were clearly trying to manipulate the election for their own purposes, something that happens all the time now but nobody cares about.

    I don’t think anything has changed since then. What makes the media so dangerous now is they get a blank cheque from the dictatorship to print their lies non-stop (or else the funding magically disappears). Anything from major outlets to small community papers have all been getting this extra money we never consented to giving them, along with a little note reminding them ‘why’ they are getting this money.

    As for what they could get away with, well, I think they would have gotten away with a number of smaller things. As for what we are seeing, this “Dark Ages 2.0” they are so insistent on going through with, this require total collusion with what used to be the media. It’s why back in 2019 they withdrew all legal requirements for what they report, so it became 100% acceptable for them to lie on tv without reserve (Imagine that happened literally RIGHT BEFORE A SCAMDEMIC, HUH? Is that great timing, or what?). So many lies have been passed along since then, like the false flag in Nova Scotia the dictatorship orchestrated, the destruction of the nuclear family, the smear campaign and coercion related to poison jabs, the ignorance related to forced immigration to replace the white people that have been living here for centuries, the lies about Ukraine and how Russia was forced into this conflict, the lies about open-air prisons called ’15-minute cities’ so they can prevent protests from ever happening again, the list goes on. These big whoppers require a docile, compliant and paid for media to push through, no doubt. That’s what we have; dogs. Woof, woof, media. Your master is feeding you another biscuit so be sure to bark their lies.

    …Oh and you can bark the fake opposition leader lies as well, since he’s on board with the agenda. It’s no wonder people at the convoy last year smeared and denounced them the whole time. They ALL knew they were a bunch of liars and agenda-pushing dogs. They got called out on it, so now they need new laws to make it illegal to criticize the government. How orwellian of them.