A farmer from Yorkton is facing a court case in the amount of over $365 million while attempting to recycle agricultural plastics such as grain bags.

Dallon Leger is a part of EcoGenX Agriculture Recycling Ltd., who recycles grain bags, and they are currently facing a large fine in a court case on March 15th, 2023 at the Yorkton Court House.

The Saskatchewan Government enacted the Agricultural Packaging Product Waste Stewardship Regulation which dictates and controls how grain bags are recycled in 2018; the year after EcoGenX was in operation. The regulation states that you must be approved by the Saskatchewan Government, and if you’re not approved, you must abide by the regulation and participate in another approved program.

Dallon attempted to lobby the government to get approval, but was shut out of talks to become an approved operator.

Now, the young plastic recycling operator has closed his business as per the government’s requirements.


Leger clarified that on March 2nd, 2022 two conservation officers showed up on his property to enforce an Environmental Act. “They named me non-compliant for 365 days. I was charged for the full year prior”, he said.

Dallon is facing $365 million and 3 years in jail while attempting to help the environment. 4 million pounds of plastic was recycled by the EcoGenX crew prior to halting operations.

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