1. Roman Baber made an interesting (If not Orwellian) point about how the feds like to treat us like we need to be told what the new truth of the day is and we will be forced to accept it (Though I wouldn’t count on any apologies from an establishment owned by foreigners to do anything EXCEPT double-down on their busted flushes).

    Like 99% of the time, a politician does not take any statement far enough. I would take it another step. I am not a TV watcher (I have certainly demonized it plenty of times on here), but over 30 years ago I did, so I want to recall a clip from an episode of Trek: TNG and a scene with Picard defiantly telling his interrogator “THERE ARE… FOUR LIGHTS!” as a testimony to him never breaking, never admitting a lie is the truth just to ease the torture against us.

    Link: (In case you need an explanation of what this is about).

    This torture is what is being done to us, every waking minute we live in Canuckistan. The entire country is Picard and the government is Madrid, trying to break us to their will though a deliberate manipulation of everything around us and subject us to shear torture, pain and death if we don’t comply. They are desperately trying to break the country as a prelude to great cull that will see most of us dead. It’s only been partially successful, so far.

    Eventually, they will try their own version of a final solution against us, when they realize it’s not working at they had hoped. We must be ready. We will not start it, but we will have to finish it.