Declaring war? Full mobilisation? Peace?Nuclear war? What will Putin say? What does this mean for Australia? 🟢Join independant Australian journalists Aussie Cossack and Maria Zeee for a LIVE stream of President Vladimir Putin’s address to the nation followed by analysis, comments & discussion. Leave your comments to be read out LIVE. ​‼️ Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly. Main statements: 🔹 The President announced the suspension of Russia’s participation in the New START Treaty (SNV-III), noted that the United States was preparing for nuclear weapons tests, instructed the Ministry of Defense and Rosatom to also prepare for tests. 🔹 He spoke a lot about Donbass and the reasons for the situation in Ukraine, said that Russia did everything possible to have peace, was ready for a dialogue with the West, which eventually unleashed a war. 🔹 The more long-range systems are delivered to Kiev, the further Russia will push the threat, and it is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield. 🔹 He noted the need to return to the traditional term of study at universities (4-6 years), specialists will be able in this case to continue their studies in the magistracy. 🔹He proposed to pay the mother’s capital in new regions retroactively – from 2007 (since which this system has been operating throughout the country). 🔹 He announced an additional increase in the minimum wage from January 2024 to 19.2 thousand rubles, announced an increase in tax deductions for education and medicine. 🔹 He also called businesses to invest in the country, return assets from abroad. At the same time, he noted that it is necessary to revise the economic compositions in the Criminal Code and “not go too far.” 🔹 He announced the creation of a special fund to help the families of fallen soldiers and veterans.