Harvey Oberfeld

by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

February 2023

It’s the goal of every serious political party: to govern. Or it should be!

But let’s keep it real: today’s federal New Democrats know full well that, with Jagmeet Singh as Leader, they have absolutely NO hope of forming Canada’s national government.

Singh has been NDP Leader since 2017, yet the party holds only 25 seats in the country’s 338-seat House of Commons: the Liberals 158; Conservatives 116; the NDP … even fewer than the Quebec-only Bloc, which has 32.

So the federal NDP is just coasting … content with simply exercising influence on the Liberal minority government, while NDP MPs fill their pockets with generous pay packages, enjoy their Parliamentary perks, privileges and expenses, and pad their generous public pension accounts.

It’s true the NDP, after signing a “Confidence and Supply Agreement” with the Liberals, has impacted plans for some future federal programs (notably pharmacare and dental care for low income Canadians).

But surely, any fourth-place political party that still considers itself worthy and viable to govern should remove major obstacles in its path to potential victory.

Singh is an obstacle.

It’s time for the federal NDP to give Canadians a VIABLE alternative to Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives.

Canadians spoke out loud and clear two years ago: they do NOT want Singh as Prime Minister.

With another federal election getting closer and closer, it’s time for Jagmeet to take a long , thoughtful walk in the snow … and announce he’s moving on.

Of course, with his current annual salary of $185,000, plus expenses, indemnities and perks, he may be reluctant to go.

He need not fear the future.

Singh would no doubt do very well as a University professor; community organization leader; public agency board member, BC MLA or Ontario MPP (again), a First Nations’ or Environmental consultant … or would fit in perfectly as a CBC commentator or as one of The National’s “woke” advocacy/propaganda producers!

And having served in Ontario as an MPP from 2011 to 2017 before becoming NDP federal Leader in 2017, getting elected in 2019 as an MP and re-elected in 2021 … I suspect his public pension purse is in much better shape than that of most Canadians.

For the good of the NDP’s future … IF the NDP does still does believe in itself and truly hopes to form a national government, Singh may need a push … and THIS is the time to do it.

Harv Oberfeld



  1. Jughead Singh is an anti-Canadian vales, racist, Christophobe and a DAMNED COMMUNIST! He is not welcome in India and is a near traitor to Canada. He and Trudeau are two of worst men ever in Canadian politics, yet still likely near 50% of idiot voters would vote for these two corrupted, vile, jackasses.

    WAKE THE HELL UP CANADIANS OUR NATION AND ITS 156 year values are under attack by such jerks as Jughead Singh and Justin Castro Trudeau. 🙁

  2. LOL the only thing we can expect from a stroll in the snow in a yellow trail, since he’s been doing that to Canuckistan since day 1.

    Singh will be remembered as both the terrorist who blew up airplanes in India and as a footnote in the fall and destruction of Canada (which no longer exists, anyway. I hereby rename this place with borders to ‘Canuckistan’).