Little, if anything, exists to prevent Canada’s ultimate decay as a functioning democracy.

by Brad Salzberg

February 20, 2023

In background, Pierre Trudeau shakes hands with Chairman Mao Tse Tung, the roots of Canada’s transition from democracy to communism.

The idea that democracy is in decay in contemporary Canada is a poorly understood social phenomenon. In one form or another, Cultural Action Party has been warning citizens of our nation’s conversion to communism for over three decades.

The most overt example has recently exploded onto the political scene. It arrives in the form of CSIS-backed statements that the government of China has interfered in the past two federal Canadian elections.

It’s one thing for China to influence the outcome of elections in 11 federal ridings, as mainstream media has spoken of. It’s quite another when the impact is as dull as dishwater. The chances of this scandal bringing down the Trudeau government is nil.

What can be said about a western society in which foreign infiltration of government is benign in impact? Are we so desensitized to this behaviour that it causes barely a blink in the collective eye of our society?

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  1. It’s more amazing that anyone even bothered to report this, since this is a clear case of ‘this news makes Trudeau look bad’ and we can’t EVER have that happen, right?

    And now the dictator is going after the Globe and Mail and whoever their informants are so they can be ‘punished’ accordingly. Maybe they’ll get the Shermans or the Nova Scotia treatment, you know, the one where people die and no one dares to like the dictator to dead bodies. Maybe they’ll just get the same treatment all it’s underage victims got (And yes I said it in plural — turns out there was way more than one victim in those encounters)? Who knows…