Justin Trudeau is the most ungodly politician in Canadian history.

by Brad Salzberg


February 19, 2023

“Canada’s assisted dying laws should be expanded to include minors, a parliamentary committee has recommended in a report tabled in the House of Commons.

 “The special joint committee of MPs and Senators concluded that minors deemed to have the appropriate decision-making capacity should be eligible for assisted death.”

Ah, the innocence of youth. Traditionally a time for fun and play, Canada’s “progressive” political arena wants little, if anything, to do with this concept.

Conversely, institutional Canada wants the children of our country to assume a tag that has become a standard in assisted dying circles: “mature minors.” Canada’s ruling Liberal government flaunt the term, as applied to an equally controversial government-endorsed policy: Transgenderism for youth.

Seems PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals cannot wait for Canadian youth to flower into their full beings. In post-modern Canada, transgender promotion within our public education system has become a de facto standard.

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  1. Turdstool and his entire family needs to be euthanized. Since he wants it for everyone else. Then we can move on to all of his cabinet ministers and their families. If we rid the world of the evil, we can start breathing normally again and begin rebuilding our country into a greater place than we have ever seen before, with peace and prosperity for all.

  2. This chorus from A.C.D.C. song ‘Evil Walks’ is appropriate here for such evil as we are seeing in Trudeau’s Canada.

    “Evil walks behind you
    Evil sleeps beside you
    Evil talks around you
    Evil walks behind you”