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The Gateway Pundit

February 19, 2023

Over two thousand people gathered and marched in Jesus March Revival 2023 in Santa Monica, California on Saturday.

The Jesus March, organized by United Revival,  is a celebration and an opportunity for Christians to come together to publicly express their faith, something that is especially needed in these challenging times.  Christian rock band “United Revival” performed for the crowd and shared testimonies of how their faith has impacted and transformed their lives.

The Gateway Pundit reported on other powerful, public faith gatherings in recent weeks including a chapel service that began began February 8 at Asbury University in Kentucky is still ongoing.

The Patch reports:

Waving flags that said “Jesus is King,” 650 Christians marched up the beach bike path to the pier Saturday in an event that was meant to spark revival.

“This is not a protest,” said Vadim Semenchuk, a coordinator with United Revival of Sacramento which staged the event. “We’re here to proclaim the name of Jesus.”

Drawing smiles, smirks and wondering stares on a walk more famous for fun and flashing flesh, the gathering first worshipped, prayed and preached on the grass next to the beach at Barnard Way, before walking up to the pier shouting Jesus chants.


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  1. This post comes from one who for over 20 years of his life fell out of faith (a teenage understanding of Christian faith that was at the time) and into a world of sort of agnostics. It’s not that I did not believe in God nor did not know of what God was etc. but that my life through these next 20+ years did not need nor feel any need for God in my life. I was an adult and could make my own (including moral) choices good, indifferent or even bad. I felt that that ideal was to me FREEDOM!

    Fast forward through these 20+ years, I kind of began to evaluate my life, my world view around me, to see the lives of my family members, friends and other acquaintances. The images of thoughts I was getting began to bother me. All my years of “I don’t need no God.” and many liberal or progressive ideals I gained and even championed for over these 20+ years began to ring hollow and I began to see it was more a lack of faith in God that led me to make poorer choices in my life and to see that many others in my life also made improper choices in their lives.

    I asked first myself, “What and why, given I was such a ‘informed’ so called ‘freedom’ loving liberal or progressive?” I mean I bought much into the idea that government wanted to act in the better interest of society. That our social values and culture only wanted to make our lives better and more safe so to speak. I could go on with other wordy thoughts on this ideal. So I asked myself, “Why are things in my life and seemingly in the lives of others I know around me not getting better, yes, changing and often these changes were either wasteful, needless or were worse off, but not really better.

    So I then sat down and truly heartfelt asked God to please reveal answers to these thoughts and misconceptions of life and ideals I once held onto so hard as a so called liberal or progressive? Well it did not take long for me to begin to see things differently. For me it was as if I was first led to pick up the Holy Bible and begin to read it. This was something I had not really done since I was a young teenager. Oh yes. I’d often pick out scripture as the blowhard liberal/progressive (I see that most liberals/progressives are blowhards) to argue against the Bible in online chats and forums over those 20 odd years. But the differences that I was now getting in reading the Bible after I asked God for clarity of thoughts was that the Bible began to make sense in its lessons, values, history and such. In fact it was now sort of freaky in how my mind was absorbing its words and an endless number of thought bubbles sprung from my head. I was having many “Oh wow!” moments. This was very different than when I had belief in God as an adolescent. It was a part of many RED PILL moments I began to have in my life. I began to question much of if not all of my once hard nosed liberal/progressive ideals. As days tuned into weeks and weeks turned into months etc. I really began to see how I was so willing to be misguided or even outright lied to by our western world’s current liberal/ progressive and even socialist culture. This began much deeper digging of understanding what I now began to see as its bullshit. Adding my ever growing to the understanding of the Bible and now a reconnection of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ I began to see that a person and a society without God is going to be more hollow, fake, hypocritical, shallow and less clear, BUT ALSO FULL OF VIRTUE SIGNALLING NONSENSE!!!

    Oh don’t get this wrong, but these changes did not all come easy. It’s hard to undue 20+ years of modern progressive western culture hypocrisy, distortions and lies. I did not all so easily want to just give up on much of my liberal/progressive and yes I see now a lot of virtue signalling ideals. But God as I asked of him began in his own ways to help me see through a lot of the cloud of often airy fairy, liberal/progressive, big government pixi dust ideals.

    So here I am and will state the following, any nation or society right down to the individual that lives life and governs without God and not putting faith in God, will invariably put faith in mankind be it a group of or even in some cases just one ‘dear leader’ is a nation or society and yes, right down that individual one that will inevitably fail and fall. IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME!

    The Holly Bible is the one true book. GOD exists and is the truth. Jesus Christ is the way to Salvation and yes to a better life while you, me, we live our mortal lives here on Earth. Yes, it can be hard for us pigheaded humans to accept such as we by God’s grace were given free will and we can and are being misled by Satan, his demons and yes his many human idiot stooges to have us feel that to be free we must abandon faith in God and must turn away from Jesus Christ.

    THIS IS AGAIN A LIE! Once you accept Jesus Christ and want a relationship with God through Jesus, YOUR HEART WILL BEGIN TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER! The freedoms you thought you had by having no faith in God but putting often blind faith in mankind by living the modern world of liberalism and progressivism, is not freedom but often being a slave to Sin. Oh it feels good at first or on the surface, just as that junkie feels right after he/she plunges a needle of heroin or such into their vein, or takes a hit of another drug or downs a bottle of booze to dull his/her senses, my list of such often terrible and sinful acts can go on, but these moments of thrills are not freedom but are short lived with terrible consequences.

    Once you accept Christ and begin your journey with him you will begin to change and to see true freedoms in your life. Freedom is not blind of consequences, nor without rules as to how to live. THAT WOULD BE ANARCHY! Jesus Christ as your Saviour will begin to fill your heart in other ways and with temperance. God wrote on each of our hearts a moral contract, we each know when we break it by our conscience, ok? But our free will leads us to lust of many those things including those that are bad for us. But choosing Christ will help guide you to be more or even totally free from your lustful ways/sins. No doing so won’t just stop you from these detrimental ways, but will strengthen your conscience to see that these are wrongful ways/ideals. Freeing yourself of these is true freedom as you begin to revel in your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Oh temptation will always be there as free will means that we are open to it and yes, Satan has his run of our world, but God will give you more clarity to push back.

    Many will claim Christians as hypocrites, YES! the churches are filled with many hypocrites, AND THESE CHURCHES WILL WELCOME ONE MORE! AND THAT IS YOU, YOURSELF!

    Let me ask the doubters of Christ our Saviour, If you heard a person playing Beethoven music poorly, would you blame Beethoven or the person playing the music poorly? Of course any sane person will blame the person playing Beethoven’s music poorly. So if you see a Christian being poor or hypocritical at being Christian why would you blame Jesus Christ?

    You should want to point out to that Christian his/her hypocrisy so that he/she may correct themselves.

    One more question to ask any non Christians here, if I could prove to you without a shadow of doubt that Christianity is TRUE would you all become Christian?

    Sadly many would still say NO! for they are trapped in (Satan inspired through his deceptions and lies) their sinful ways and they lust for them all.

  2. I’ll add another thing.

    Many Christians though are not being true to faith. They are what I call pick and choose Christians. They pick and choose only the things from the Bible and Christian doctrine that suits their ideals, wants and desires. It’s called Heresy. American surveys of so called Christians (Canadians would likely be similar) in recent times shows that only 9% of them actually follow Biblical ways and Christian ideals fully.

    Lukewarm Christianity is not seen as righteous by God. Lukewarm Christians are told by Jesus that they too will be condemned. Many failed and falling Christian Churches are around us today. Many Pastors, Ministers and Priests practice Heresy and preach Blasphemy to their congregations. You may hear of the terms PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIANITY or THE PROGRESSIVE CHURCH! Be warned these are Satan followers leading their congregations to damnation. If you are said to be Christian but attend such progressive churches. I SAY WALK OUT AND WALK OUT CONDEMNING THEM AND THEIR PASTORS, MINISTERS OR PRIESTS AS HERETICS AND BLASPHEMERS! Do not continue to attend such flawed and failing churches.

    Being Christian can be hard at times and our increasingly perverted and degenerate society only pours more gas on such fire. Christians must be politically active, our Canadian/western world was built on Christian values. Every traditional secular law we had were based around our once strong collective faith in Christian doctrines. By not being politically involved we should know that other non Christian religions, other Cults, Satanists, and any all Marxist based Socialists/Communists are and they are influencing to our collective real and spiritual detriment the minds of our increasingly weak of character, morals and spines of our western world politicians and bureaucrats. Our once grand and celebrated (yes even though they were also at times flawed as anything mankind can be and is able to be flawed) Canadian/western world values will not be saved if we as Christians do not push back to save these values. ALL OTHER IDEALS/VALUES OUTSIDE OF OUR TRADITIONAL WESTERN WORLD “CHRISTIAN BASED” VALUES ARE EVEN MORE SUSPECT AND WORSE FOR US ALL!