“Every policy decision made by PM Justin Trudeau undermines quality of life for Canada’s Old Stock communities.”

by Brad Salzberg


February 16, 2023

Half-citizen refugee from Somalia, MP Ahmed Hussen, takes control of the Canadian housing file— in addition to Multiculturalism.

A common theme runs down the river of woke liberal globalism in Canada. Not that Canadian media would ever allude to it. They are being paid by our Liberal government not to do so.

Beneath the current of federal government policy flows an ominous social dynamic. Every policy decision made by PM Justin Trudeau undermines quality of life for Canada’s Old Stock communities. Not only this, it can be argued that specific policies–Euthanasia and Abortion– impede not quality of life, but life itself.

Two issues burning a hole in our national psyche speak to our commentary: Healthcare and Housing. Considering these vital elements from the vantage point of generational, Canadian-born citizens– something media never do– we witness the fall-out.

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  1. Media doesn’t do a lot of things, anymore, like tell anything resembling the truth. You could do a drinking game with the evening ‘news’, take a shot each time they tell a lie and be so drunk out of your mind you would never even make it to your bed. It’s no wonder they withdrew all forms of media accountability in 2019, literally ‘RIGHT BEFORE THIS GLOBALIST AGENDA GARBAGE STARTED’. They planned all this garbage from the get-go.

    Anyway, immigration is certainly one issue with all this, because it adds bodies to a system that already cannot handle what is already in there. Inflation is another, which is partly why the housing system has been wrecked (on top of free money for banksters and our handlers to buy up any and all property possible so it’s impossible for us moral peons to ever own anything). Dictator deliberately withholding and destroying health care across the country so it can dangle a digital carrot in front of the premiers in the hopes of further punishing anyone who is not willfully condemning themselves to die from heart/organ failure in the near future. It’s not just any one thing.

    It’s consistent with a dictatorship that have every intention of enforcing a will that is utterly divorced from reality on all fronts possible. Zero Carbon? HAH! Everything that’s not a plant exhales it. Mother Nature itself produces tons of it without our involvement, including volcanic eruptions. Good luck trying to tax that volcano (I’ll get the popcorn for that event). No fossil fuels? How do you plan to replace them? Oh, you don’t. Everyone can just freeze to death. Well, that certainly accelerates your plans to kill us all, doesn’t it? Carbon tax? BWAH HA HA! No one is making more from this scam. It’s another pool your handlers get to use to play their market games because they behave like gambling addicts. Fertilizer? Ohhh right, you’re trying to starve us all, which is why you’re burning down animals farms in Saskatchewan, huh? As for real environmental disasters happening in Ohio, Texas, Florida and other states right now, all those extreme wokesters are ignoring it. What’s wrong, can’t tackle a real crisis created by your governments?! Yeah, paper tigers you all are.

    But wait a sec… What if the immigration is simply the means to replace everyone dying from jabs? We only hear about certain numbers of people dying, like teenagers and doctors as previously reported on, here. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are plenty we do NOT hear about. I hardly go a day anymore when I don’t hear ambulance sirens blaring. That used to be a rare thing around here, maybe once a month.

    And another fun point: Can anyone name me a single policy that HAS done any good? A single policy that wasn’t associated with some false flag that killed Canadians to further an anti-community agenda? As I understand, even the whole ‘legalizing pot’ deal was a disaster on all fronts; apparently the taxed stuff is terrible, doesn’t get anyone high and is full of mold. And singling out and targeting christians as a whole has resulted in a 300%+ increase in their persecution in this country. It’s bad enough we would hear the ocean by putting our ear to Dictator’s head, but come on. Can anyone name something this airhead has done that has improved Canada? Anything? Any policy at all?

    Also, the military is openly talking about a draft. Let’s see how Russia will respond to us sending troops to kill their soldiers. Freeland will be the first to escape the country after getting us into a war not only we cannot win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a good chunk of the country would openly support in Russia’s favour to help get rid of the dictatorship that’s trying to kill us all.