Good morning Michael,

I am on a letter writing campaign to our government officials on UNDRIP, aka the abolition of private land ownership.

I live in Burns Lake, B.C. and an article has just come out in out local paper Burns Lake, Lakes District News pA8 on land transfer to the Lake Babine Band, 100% of the land is claimed around the lake, we live on Lake Babine and we were

not included in any of these discussions nor where we notified of them.

Please find attached my letter for your consideration for printing, Ron Vaillant s letter and an info link page FYI.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sincerely, Colleen Simmons and Tony Gabriel.

ps I very much enjoy your publication, it’s my go to in the am and I share when ever possible.

 February 13, 2023 

 Regional District of Bulkley Nechako, Colleen Simmons,  #37- 3rd Avenue Tony Gabriel,  PO Box 820 37223, Babine Lk Rd.  Burns Lake, B.C. PO Box 1279,   V0J1E0. Burns lk, B.C.  V0J1E0. 

   To Curtis Helgesen, Chief Administrative Officer  

 Jason Llewellyn, Director of Planning 

   We are writing this letter to you to bring your attention to UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration  on the Rights of Indigenous People). This non-legal UN document (UNDRIP) has us greatly concerned as it appears to be an attempt to transfer all the lands, property and resources etc. over to the  “Indigenous Peoples” of Canada without the involvement of private land/property owners and BC  residents. Nore is there any mention of compensation for these highly valued losses. 

 In the Foundation Agreement- pge 7 

 (M) Lake Babine Nation’s relationships with neighboring Indigenous nations, local government,  citizens and industry in its Territory embody innovation, collaboration, problem-solving and true  partnerships based on recognition and respect. These relationships promote predictable and  transparent decision-making regimes and create sustainable opportunities for all the region’s citizens  to prosper. They foster harmony, predictability, well-being and prosperity for the region as a whole.    

 On the BC government website people/new-relationship/united-nations-declaration-on-the-rights-of-indigenous-peoples/making decisions-together, it says: “These agreements outline the processes for joint or consent-based statutory decision-making while clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the Province and the Indigenous  governing body.” But nowhere do these 2 statements include present day land/property owners in the  “UNDRIP discussions or even an invitation to the private land owners to express our concerns and  neither has the RDBN or the Village of Burns Lake reached out to include us in these discussions”.   

 According to all of the documentation that we have read and watched, 100% of Canada is being  claimed by the”Indigenous People” of Canada. How can this be possible in a democratic country?.  And, to exclude private land/property owners from this discussion is not only irresponsible but  shameful and covert. This seems to happen whenever the UN-elected body of the UN is involved with  the government of the country and the citizens are not, that should be considered an alarm bell for all  of us to pay attention. 

  The United Nations are not elected by the people of Canada to govern them and has no legal  authority over Canada or Canadians. UNDRIP is not a living document unless governments are in  agreement and sign on, implementing these policies, which will surely start a civil war in Canada. Not  because Canadians are prejudiced towards the “Indigenous People”, but because our paid for  land/property and lives are being stolen right out from under us through the UN and Canadian federal government’s deception and local government compliance, if we the people allow this to happen.   

 We ask you, do you think that UNDRIP will not apply to you and your families?. Do you really feel it is right to blame today’s Canadians for what the British and French governments and religious  institutions did to the Indigenous People 150 yrs ago when settlers came to this country and that we  should continue to pay forever with our children s and grandchildren’s futures ?,and literally throw  away all the value of the blood, sweat, tears and years of hard work and to forget our retirement  investment and children’s inheritance? 

   From what we have observed here in our 20 years of living in Burns Lake, like all of us, the  Indigenous population seems to be faring quite well and enjoying the benefits and the wealth that they  and other hardworking tax paying Canadians have created over the last 150 yrs.  

 These 2 sections of the agreement also are of concern considering that the “Urban Members” are not  being consulted (private land owners) and there is a time frame for which all of this is to happen. 

 13.5 This Agreement is for the benefit of and is binding on the Province and Lake  Babine Nation. 

 13.8 Time is of the essence of this Agreement and will remain of the essence  notwithstanding any extension granted by either Party. 

 So we ask you to please go thru all the info we have sent you and be informed on UN policies and  schedule public information meetings in the Regional District and Burns Lake, to inform the citizens  on UNDRIP, before it’s to late to turn back. 

 If its not acceptable to discriminate against Indigenous People, then why is it acceptable to  discriminate against Canadian citizens?. 

 With all Rights Reserved. 

 With all due respect and concern, 

 Colleen Simmons, Tony Gabriel. 

 Land owners at Babine Lake. 



As Canada’s foremost whistle blower on this topic, I am here to warn you of the seriousness of  implementing UNDRIP – United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples document, and going along with any land acknowledgments, such as: We acknowledge we are on Treaty 6  territory, etc., or renaming land to indigenous names. 

It may take some time to go through the material presented, but if you want to have a fighting  chance to keep your land rights, not be governed by others, as well as avoid being under the UN  Charter, then this information is absolutely vital. 

It is also crucial that council protects it’s constituents against this issue. No matter what incentives,  coercion, or attacks you may go through to fight this. You must remember if UNDRIP is forwarded  that the Canada we have loved will be forever lost and we will be propelled to the World Economics  goal that “You will own nothing and be happy by 2030”. You are our last line of defense in this  county. 

Please share this email. 

Thank you, 

Ron Vaillant 

P.S. Some may say, why have we not heard this in the media and from our MPs and MLAs. It’s  because it’s all being covered up, at least the problems with it. In my live interview with Prince  George Matters newspaper in 2019, they were trying to shut me up about Caribou Recovery and  UNDRIP. 

In Zoom meetings with the 2 conservative MPs who were on the Bill C-15 standing committee, I  asked Arnold Viersen why he has not warned the Canadian people on this enormous Bill, he said,  “Sometimes it’s better to not say anything”. With Jamie Schmale, vice chair of the committee, he  said it’s a shame no one knows about UNDRIP. I said, that’s on you. You are very well paid to be the official opposition and I see nothing on your social media and YouTube. He said they need help in  getting the word out. To this day, I do not know of 1 MP, let alone the Conservatives, who have  warned us. This is why most Canadians do not know. 

Canadians Have LOST Their Land Rights, and More. 

It’s unbelievable, but we have lost our land rights in Canada via Bill C-15 and article 26  of UNDRIP. Worse yet, we are effectively now under the UN Charter as per article 46. No MP, or politician, has warned you. 

Bill C-15 states:

  1. The Government of Canada must, in consultation and cooperation with Indigenous peoples, take  all measures necessary to ensure that the laws of Canada are consistent with the Declaration. 

That Declaration is a UN fabricated document called UNDRIP – United Nations Declaration on the  Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Even though the indigenous “experts” who wrote this declaration say  it’s ALL about indigenous rights that they have made up, they don’t even define what indigenous is.  Neither does the UN itself state a legal definition. Yet now, ALL Canadian law is to be consistent with this open ended, neutron bomb, of mass destruction. 

Article. 26 of UNDRIP states

Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they  have traditionally owned occupied or otherwise USED or acquired. 

Right now, every square inch of Canada is being claimed, by the Indian, Inuit, and  Metes, as per Bill C-15. If you are hearing land declarations at the beginning of events,  then that land has been claimed. Unfortunately, these peoples are being used as  pawns. Later is will be understood that they are not the only indigenous. Foreign  indigenous can also claim UNDRIP so called rights as per article 36. 

The consequences of this are beyond imagination. The land you own, or are paying for,  can now be claimed by others and an entirely new governance model will be  established. If you get an extra fee for this on your land tax and you pay it, then you  will be acknowledging their ownership. This is where the fight will be for us individually. 

What’s needed is for people to get up to speed with this. Download Bill C-15 and the  UNDRIP document. Read articles 1,3,5,26,28,30,32,36, and 46. This is less than a 10  minute read. 

As a leading expert on this topic, you can read my letter that was sent to every MP and  Senator long before the Bill C-15 vote. I will include it at the end of this email. There  you will see how dangerous implementing UNDRIP is. 

It’s Our Politicians 

UNDRIP, or any UN, WEF, creation such as Agenda 21 and 2030 only has force in  Canada through our political class. We need to warn, and stop, our MPs, MLAs, city and  county councils from moving this forward. Canada, and our freedoms, are all at stake. 

B.C. adopted UNDRIP 3 days after the 2019 Federal election in October. Now virtually all of B.C. has been claimed. This article from almost 2 years ago states the Crown Land  has new owners. But it’s not just Crown land, it’s ALL land now in B.C., and with Bill C 15 it’s all land, resources, and territories in Canada. 

B.C. adopts UNDRIP Oct. 2019 

BC Crown land claimed almost 2 years ago.

Canada passes UNDRIP in Bill C-15 June, 2021. 

Vancouver now has a UNDRIP plan. Saskatoon has done the same I hear. This is proof of where  this is going, and far beyond that really. You can find it on Vancouver’s website. Basically, 3 Bands  have claimed all the land under the city and council acknowledges it. Their plan shows the  implications. A must read. 

New Agreements Coming at Us. land-stewardship/ 

If you read the letter I wrote to all the MPs and Senators before the Bill C-15 vote you will see the  monster we are dealing with. Can not overstate the importance of reading this. Please fight this with  everything you have. Thank you. 

Bill C-15 / UNDRIP Concerns. 

While we believe in equal rights and equal opportunities for all Canadians, we strongly oppose  UNDRIP as the basis for Canadian law as outlined in Bill C-15 for the following reasons: 

  1. While Bill C-15 identifies “indigenous” via subsection 35(2) of the Constitution Act  1982 as being “Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada”, UNDRIP itself, along with the UN, have no legal definition regarding who is “indigenous”. 

Romeo Saganash, the main driver of C-15, stated in the March 11 2021 Meeting No. 22  INAN – Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs, that UNDRIP and the  UN HAVE NO OFFICIAL DEFINITION of who is an INDIGENOUS PERSON. Video Reference Time: 13:11:08. 

Romeo even stated that UNDRIP is being used right now in Canadian courts due to UN  Human Rights agreements. 

Video Reference Time: 12:51:00 1/34941#info_ 

Even though there is no UN legal definition of “indigenous”, C-15 states “The  Government of Canada must…ensure that the laws of Canada are consistent with the  Declaration.” ie: UNDRIP. 

The whole point of C-15 is to have Canadian law based on the 46 articles of UNDRIP.  With UNDRIP having no definition of “indigenous” it will ultimately trump C-15s working 

definition of the same, since it’s UNDRIP that will be the basis of law creation, not Bill C 15 or it’s indigenous definition. 

Without UNDRIP having a concise definition of “indigenous”, all of it’s articles are  meaningless and should never be used as a basis for creating Canadian law. 

  1. UNDRIP does not define “indigenous” as being referenced to one’s place of birth, thus if one claims to be indigenous in one country, can they claim UNDRIP rights in another  country? 

The UN desires a borderless earth and a World Parliament that supersedes National  Governments. Will the foreign indigenous be able to claim land, resources, and  territories in Canada if they simply use them, as per article 26? This has already been  evidenced by the takeover of Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square in 2020 as seen in this  video. 9:40 is the indigenous land claim in Toronto. 

Article 36 

Subsection 1. “Indigenous peoples, in particular those divided by international borders, have the  right to maintain and develop contacts, relations and cooperation, including activities for spiritual,  cultural, political, economic and social purposes, with their own members as well as other peoples  across borders.” 

  1. Article 5 

“Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political,  legal, economic, social and cultural institutions, while retaining their right to participate  fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the State.” 

Here you have a nation within a nation that can fully participate in the another nation if they so chose. This is not just on reserve land, as that’s not stated in UNDRIP. This can  be anywhere in Canada including the large cities. Still, who is indigenous? 

What if foreign indigenous political / social beliefs go against Canadian law? In some  parts of Africa it’s a cultural belief to cut off a women’s clitoris. UNDRIP will have us  strengthen that cultural belief under this section. In Papua New Guinea cannibalism was a way of life until recently. Will these aboriginals be allowed to practice their customs in Canada? While these examples seem outlandish, it demonstrates how UNDRIP is just  way too open ended for interpretation to be a basis of law in Canada. 

  1. UNDRIP Article 26, the big one. 

“Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they  have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise USED or acquired.” 

Section 26 opens the door to indigenous people, whoever they are, claiming ALL of  Canadian land, water, and resources, as now seen in British Columbia’s 2019 adoption  of UNDRIP. 95% of the province is now being claimed and soon to be transferred to 

various bands. Yet, even that will be challenged later in courts by others claiming to be  indigenous. 

This one article alone is so sweeping, so radical, so open ended, that it’s acceptance by  parliament would destroy the Canada we know. It will stop almost all business  investment / job creation, bring anarchy, and possibly civil war. 

When land is claimed under developed areas such as cities, roads, and infrastructure,  great social upheaval will develop, tearing apart the very fabric of Canada. 

Already untold millions of acres of Canadian land have become off limits to Canadians,  destroying 10’s of thousands of jobs, by the fulfilling of UNDRIP through Caribou  Recovery. One example of this is the B.C. / Canada / West Moberly / Sauteau Agreement which states: 




FEBRUARY 21, 2019 

WHEREAS British Columba and Canada are committed to fully adopting and implementing the United  Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Calls to Action from the Truth and  Reconciliation Commission of Canada. agreements/intergovernmental-partnership-conservation-central-southern-mountain-caribou-2020.html 

  1. 5. Will the Canadian taxpayer have to pay untold trillions for “equitable compensation” when  “indigenous” claim the land, territories, and resources? 

Article 28 

  1. “Indigenous peoples have the right to redress, by means that can include restitution or, when this  is not possible, just, fair and equitable compensation, for the lands, territories and resources which  they have traditionally owned or otherwise occupied or used, and which have been confiscated,  taken, occupied, used or damaged without their free, prior and informed consent.” 
  2. 6. Canada will not be able to use it’s military on Canadian soil unless agreed to by indigenous  people, whoever they are. This aligns with the UN desiring national militaries gutted and replaced  with UN Forces. 

Article 30 

  1. “Military activities shall not take place in the lands or territories of indigenous peoples, unless  justified by a relevant public interest or otherwise freely agreed with or requested by the indigenous  peoples concerned.” 
  2. 7. Will we be UNDER UN CHARTER RULE, Circumventing Canadian Law? Article 46
  3. “Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, people, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act contrary to the Charter of the United  Nations…” 
  4. 8. Indigenous will have veto power of any activities with land, resources, territories, they claim to  have once used. 

Article 32 

  1. “States shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned through  their own representative institutions in order to obtain their free and informed consent prior to the  approval of any project affecting their lands or territories and other resources, particularly in  connection with the development, utilization or exploitation of mineral, water or other resources.” 
  2. 9. It is stated by witnesses in the C-15 committee meeting March 11, 2021, that the purpose of C-15 is to offer the indigenous equal rights, which they claim they don’t already have, and that no new  powers will be given. Yet clearly, UNDRIP gives them supreme powers in Canada, completely  eclipsing anyone who is not designated indigenous. An extremely dangerous situation due to this  imbalance.  
  3. 10. Much of Canada’s laws already reflect UNDRIP principles without the need to duplicate  internationally what already exists domestically. 
  4. 11. The UN desires global governance of every aspect of our lives and to establish a UN World  Parliament. Adopting Bill C-15 with UNDRIP as the basis for Canadian law is a major step towards  these goals and not comparable with our nation’s interests. 

Bottom Line

UNDRIP will enact UN mandates and laws over a sovereign Canada through our political process.  Indigenous is not legally defined by the UN and totally undefined in the UNDRIP document. 

Having nations within nations, off reserve land, will cause havoc. Can a single indigenous person  claim article 5? Article 26 essentially gives away all land, territories, and resources to whoever is  deemed indigenous and making claims. 95% of BC has already been claimed with their adoption of  UNDRIP, Oct. 2019. The destruction of Canada is within the UNDRIP document. Is the UN using the indigenous issue as a pretext for the overthrow of sovereign nation states? 

If you do not want to see Canada decimated, then do not use UNDRIP as the basis for Canadian  Law. This will RADICALLY affect you, your family, and fellow Canadians like you would not believe.  It’s almost beyond comprehension when one takes a close look at it.  

Canada’s future is fully in your hands. Vote against Bill C-15, even if your party political career is  jeopardized by going against a party whip. You will stand on the right side of history and will be a  hero in the land. This might be your finest moment in your political career. Many eyes will be on your vote. Now is the time to be brave and be a true hero. Thank you for your consideration. 

Concerned Citizens of Canada – C3

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