“A group of protesters caused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sneak in and out of the back door garbage entrance while visiting the Yukon.”

by Brad Salzberg


February 15, 2023

“This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the Premier of the Yukon, Ranj Pillai, to discuss issues of importance to Yukoners and all Canadians.”

No doubt there are many Canadians who are unaware of Ranj Pillai’s entry to into the pantheon of Liberal political power in Canada. PM Trudeau is no doubt tickled pink, as another key jurisdiction falls to woke globalist liberalism in our country.

Pallai, of South Asian descent, is the latest of Trudeau’s ethnic placements in positions of power in Western Canada. Despite the fact that there are but a hand full of Sikhs and Hindus in the Yukon, Mr. Pallai will fight for the rights of “all minority communities” in the territory.

The dynamic is not unlike the placement of ex-Liberal MP Amarjeet Sohi as mayor of Edmonton. How a former Liberal Cabinet member came to win in conservative-laced Alberta remains a mystery. Not that it will ever be explained by media. In post-modern Canada, it appears strategic placement of woke globalists are dropping from China’s balloons over the dying Great White North.

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