by Daniel Horowitz

Conservative Review

February 14, 2023

I never could have imagined coming out with a book – “Rise of the Fourth Reich” – on COVID fascism nearly three years into the “Great Reset” that would be more relevant now than during the lockdowns themselves. But it should now be clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the botched vaccines weren’t some sort of mistake. It was done on purpose with no remorse. The only remorse will be on our part for not fighting it while we still can.

Can you conjure up a worse example of fascism than denying schooling to children who don’t get a dangerous injection that is 100% exempt from liability and shielded from all market controls? Now that the CDC is knowingly promoting dangerous vaccines, it’s time for red states to counterattack and remove all vaccines that are not subject to liability from mandatory school immunization schedules.

Even as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates concede that this generation of vaccines are nowhere near up to par, the CDC quietly added the COVID shots to the Child Immunization Schedule last week.