What’s Under the Feel-Good Rhetoric?


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February 14, 2023

Maybe you noticed the creepy WEF and other node points in the globalist power network are now pushing the even creepier idea of supposedly “utopian” 15-minute cities.

But considering the same people are advocating the abolition of private property (“You will own nothing and be happy”), as well as the fact that they were all VERY MUCH on board with the whole cooties-19 scam and all the fascist impositions that rained down on us from 2020 to 2022 (including the clot shots), I’d say there’s more than a little justification for scepticism regarding the true purpose of the “glorious” 15-minute “communities” that await the unsuspecting but well-intentioned among us…

This post (below) is originally by Jason Christoff

Here in Canada, the 15 minute-city is well underway. We have Edmonton stepping up first it appears. We also have Peterborough Ontario adding their hat into the ring shortly after Edmonton started to use public money toward an advertising campaign for the 15 minute city concept.

As you can see in this article from a local Peterborough newspaper, the citizens are explained this concept in glowing terms. Citizens are told to imagine the utopia that awaits them. A direct quote from the Peterborough newspaper leads the reader mentally toward a green utopian future where there’s equality, happiness and equity for all….

Imagine being able to walk your kids to school or daycare, commute to work, enjoy recreational opportunities, and be able to pick up what you need from the store. Imagine being able to do all that while always being within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from your residence

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