Courtesy of Rebel News

February 10, 2023

During a recent event in Lethbridge, Alberta, commemorating the first anniversary of the Coutts Blockade, a local named Joanne Person took to the microphone to share a shocking allegation.

That blockade took place alongside the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa, bringing cross-border traffic in the region to a standstill and catalyzing a series of events leading to the end of COVID mandates in the province and the resignation of former premier Jason Kenney.

The demonstration came to an abrupt end when police announced that multiple weapons were seized and arrests were made on conspiracy charges nearby. Demonstrators stood firmly that this was a peaceful movement, and ended the Coutts demonstrations entirely so that the world would know they were non-violent.

Joanne was one of the people arrested and charged with possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose and mischief over $5,000.

But Joanne claims she has proof of police impropriety and evidence that they placed weapons in her home.

Could it be true?

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