February 10, 2023  

Chart of the Day (CotD)  

This is an update of the January 22, 2022 CotD for British Columbia (BC) Covid-19 cumulative vaccines and related deaths. Note that the CRD Rate (i.e. slope of the green line) has essentially  remained constant for the past 18 months. Since July 2022, 1,283 BC citizens have died as per Health Canada statistics. Based on the most current BC CDC  epidemiology reports to July 9, 2022, 90 percent (1,155) of these deaths are attributed to vaccinated individuals.

Remember, as per Health Canada : “Evidence indicates that vaccines and boosters are effective at helping to prevent serious illness, hospitalization and  death due to COVID-19. Evidence indicates that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines continue to outweigh the risks of the disease. Receiving an mRNA  booster dose provides even better protection.” Do you think the data supports these claims by Health Canada?




  1. Never forget folks, there is no such thing as ‘THE SCIENCE’.

    Science is not a destination, but is a process. Any person who says the science (of anything) is settled is either an idiot or a liar. The main point of the scientific method is to always be ready for challenges and to force the science as we currently know of to back itself up or to change.

    If in future any politicians and/or bureaucrats/special interests ever push the Covid 19 draconian measures including these nota vaccines and what was/is totally USELESS at stopping the spread of a contagious virus and in stopping deaths, then we MUST have authorities who actually respect their oaths to the ARREST AND CHARGE WITH CRIMES AGAINST CIVIL/HUMAN RIGHTS ANY ONE AND ALL PERSONS DOING SO, SO THAT WE NEVE REVER HAVE TO SEE AND ENDURE SUCH ABUSES OF POWER AGAINST HUMAN/CIVIL RIGHTS IN MODERN HISTORY!