Stop World Control

February 10, 2023

The founder and driving force of Project Veritas, James O’ Keefe has been placed on paid leave by his own board. Why doesn’t this surprise me? Because I have seen it happen over and over again: the person who started an incredibly powerful mission, to fight against the forces of evil in a truly extraordinary way, gathers a group of people around him which he trusts. Their influence grows, amazing things happen, for the benefit of the world, evil is pushed back…

And suddenly… WHAM! The “trusted team” stabs the founder and visionary in the back.

In rare cases it can be legit to stand up against a leader, as sometimes good men end up in the same evil they were initially fighting. But I have seen more situations where it is simply an inside attack, to take down a person who is simply doing too much damage to the realm of darkness.

Sure, people have issues, and make mistakes. Absolutely, people with strong characters can be difficult to work with. If you’re gonna do what James O’Keefe does, you better be made from diamond to bust through concrete walls of corruption. These kinds of people are not always easy to work with.

But what I have seen, time and again, is that people who don’t have the same courage, who haven’t build the same ministry, who haven’t risked their life, who haven’t been raided by the FBI, who haven’t been threatened, and who never stepped up to the plate to do what it takes to powerfully fight back against evil, love to focus on the weakness of the one person who DOES do all the previous.

Nobody forces you to stay in a place where you are not comfortable. If you believe you can do better, than step out and do it yourself. See if you can build the same kind of ministry, and better. But no… they decide to perform a coup. They take over the entire work built by somebody else, thinking they can do without the person who has paid the price to build Project Veritas.

When a wolf attacks a lioness

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