From Covid to Digital ID to Social Credit, Justin Trudeau is replicating the Chinese government’s “spy culture” in our dying Great White North.

by Brad Salzberg

February 9, 2023

Step-by-step, in incremental fashion, PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government are transitioning Canada to what can be described as a “mini-China.”

Throughout Trudeau’s tenure the fine art of subterfuge has been utilized to pull-the-wool over the eyes of 38 million Canadians. The Covid pandemic, a product of the far east nation, is being used to justify replication of China’s tracking of individual citizens in our country.

Government and healthcare position Digital ID as an act of altruism:

“With the advent of the Covid pandemic, a new moment of change has been thrust upon us, as doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals impose strict social distancing policies.”

Right–a moment of change. A moment of “progress,” as Mr. Trudeau would position it. Lost in the messaging is replication of the Chinese government’s tracking of citizen behavior. With the advent of Digital ID in Canada, “spying” on individual Canadians is to become a de facto social standard.

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