Michael, I don’t know where best to direct this, I see time is running out.

My wife Lillian and I, chose not too get injected with an unproven, untried product regardless of what politicians promoted, recommended or forded its’ use regardless of no evidence.  That is what a democracy is supposed to be “choice without politicians telling us what to do.” Where will this all end up?
Tell Dr. Hoffe, I may be too advanced in age to be much help, but if there’s someway I can help, let me know.  Dictatorships need to be stopped.
Bill Vander Zalm

On Feb 7, 2023, at 11:00 PM, Michael Easton <mi************@gm***.com> wrote:
Dr. Charles Hoffe.
Going up against the Mafia.
URGENT we only have a couple days to call them and send fax letters to the College of Physicians and Surgeons ASAP!
Your help is URGENTLY needed to call, write letters(use fax), and emails to the College of Physician’s and Surgeons as the situation with Dr. Charles Hoffe and his legal defence has taken a real turn for the worse. The powers that be have effectively set a trap for him.
What is also most concerning is Bill C 36, which was passed weeks ago.
It gives the authorities the capability to impose a fine of $200,000 with six months in jail for any Doctor who speaks “miss-information”.
To make matters even worse his lawyer has missed both deadlines to present any expert witnesses or any evidence for his defence.
AND his lawyer is now to sick to go to trial and yet they are so far refusing to postpone the trial leaving Dr. Charles Hoffe with no representation and no ability to even present any evidence himself.
I believe the authorities have waited this long to get these measures in place in order to make a example of Charles to prevent other Doctors from speaking up.
As you likely know
Dr. Charles Hoffe has been one of the only Doctors in B.C. to put everything on the line to get the truth out and I feel it is now our time to pay back a little by sending the College of Physicians and Surgeons letters in his defence.
Dr.Hoffe’s 10 day ONLINE TRIAL is fast approaching on Feb 13.
Please show your support by sending a email of support for Dr. Hoffe to the College of Physicians and Surgeons ASAP.
If you have been his patient that is even better.
Please don’t mention specifics of why you consulted him but do mention things like your testimony about his ethics and level of concern for his patients and his character.
The college is not a scientific body and has absolutely no medical expertise and yet they are looking to convict Dr.Hoffe of “misinformation.”
Clearly this is a witch hunt.