by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


February 8, 2023

BCL( Blue Clothes Liberal) Poilievre Pledges To Uphold Liberal Health Funding —Trudeau Dupes The Masked Liberal

Really, just a walk in the park !

When you are  half way there just a little nudge will do it.

Trudeau and the Liberals knew Poilievre and the BCL ‘s could not refuse this . They are after all just liberals in blue clothes.

All their talk about doing things differently and on the most important social  spending file there is and  they endorse A LIBERAL PLAN !!!


And Trudeau , in a slick political move, holds out the carrot of special deals to each of the 13 Governments.

And being the super egos they all are the First Ministers already have new special deals dancing in their huge heads.

Now, put that in your pipe——-

So now that an extra $200 billion is now gone—-??

What’s the next LIBERAL PLAN that this great Conservative  saviour is about to endorse ?

You see its nothing about Conservative Principles, nothing about honouring the Constitution, innovation, personal choice——-

It all about getting elected on Liberal Programs.

There’s an alternative Conservatives!

The Peoples Party of Canada  —Maxim Bernier~!!!

Their plan:

  • Replace the Canada Health Transfer cash payments with a permanent transfer of tax points of equivalent value to the provinces and territories, to give them a stable source of revenue. In practice, Ottawa will give up its Goods and Services Tax (GST), and let provincial and territorial governments occupy this fiscal room. In 2021-22, the GST is expected to bring in $41 billion in revenues, almost the same amount currently transferred by Ottawa.
  • Establish a temporary program to compensate poorer provinces whose revenues from the tax will be lower than the transfer payments they used to receive.
  • Create the conditions for provincial and territorial governments to innovate. They will be fully responsible for health care funding and management, and fully accountable to their citizens for the results, while Ottawa will respect the Constitution and stop meddling.

These are the opening words of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms , an integral part of our Constitution Act 1982 which is based on The Patriation Agreement of 1981 of which I am a signatory with 10 other first ministers.

No thinking Canadian should ever forget these words.

They frame the whole approach and understanding of this document.

This was not accidental , this was deliberate.

Yet , today the Judiciary are taking it upon themselves to ignore this in their judgements on the Charter in light of the so called covid pandemic and in other judgements.

They have no right to do this and must interpret the Charter taking into consideration these words.

The court does not have the right to pick and choose in this regard .

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the Parliament of Canada, , according to this very judiciary , did not have the constitutional right to unilaterally patriate the constitution and add a Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

And the Court does not have the constitutional right to unilaterally ignore the opening words of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms , the Constitution , duly approved by the people through their elected Parliaments .

If so this is rule by the unelected Judiciary not by the elected Parliaments of the people.

Count Montesquieu in the 18 century said :

“To become truly great, one has to stand with the people, not above them.”


“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.”

Today in Canada the system does not stand with the people , and a tyranny is being perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.

Hon. A. Brian Peckford P.C.

Last Living First Minister Who Was Involved In The Creation of the Constitution Act 1982.



  1. And they’ll be the first one to tell all their mindless drones to go on the attack against PPC supporters, claiming they’re splitting the vote. In reality, it’s the CPC that is splitting the vote between Red lieberals and Blue lieberals. When both parties behave the same way, they are truly competing for the idiot vote.

    Red vs Blue pretty much summed this up early in it’s run: Both teams were run by the same organization and played them all for clueless idiots. That a political system can be represented using 20-year-old video game footage is delightful.