Andrew Corless developed what he describes as ‘severe urticaria’ shortly after receiving a COVID booster shot in January 2022. (Submitted by Andrew Corless)

CBC News

Originally Published: January 17, 2023

The story of a Gatineau, Que., man who developed a debilitating skin condition after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine has struck a chord with many Canadians, dozens of whom reached out to share their own similar experiences.

Shortly after Tisir Otahbachi received his second dose of the Moderna vaccine in August 2021, a burning rash that had started on his hand spread to his limbs and back, forcing him to quit his jobs and seek medical treatment in Ontario. Otahbachi is now seeking redress through Quebec’s vaccine injury compensation program.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, only a tiny fraction — 0.011 per cent — of the more than 95 million vaccine doses administered in this country as of Dec. 9 resulted in serious adverse reactions. But that’s still more than 10,000 reported cases.

Otahbachi, who had never experienced any skin problems before, told CBC that throughout his ordeal, most of the doctors who examined him dismissed the possibility of any link between the vaccine and the sudden onset of his painful condition.

“I told [them] I’m not against the vaccine, but the vaccine damaged my body,” he said. “The doctors that I’ve been to, all of them were scared.”

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  1. According to Trudeau’s Agency of False Information, only a tiny, tiny, tiiiiiiiiiny fraction of people are suffering from ‘adverse reactions’. Considering:

    – Doctors are outright rejecting claims, like this guy’s:

    – Anyone dying up to 2 weeks after getting a jab are not counted.

    – Autopsies are (to the best of my knowledge) still not allowed on anyone who ‘supposedly’ dies of what’s called covid.

    I think it’s safe to say the numbers are much, much larger than as advertised. We know VAERS data is being misreported and underreported by a factor of 100:1 (And that’s a generously conservative estimate); enough nurses in the US have testified to that. It’s highly likely the same thing is happening up here in Canada, given the political system is still trying to profit from this by killing citizens with these poison shots. ANYTHING that is out of the ordinary should be taken as a reaction, but given the level of desperation in burying anything resembling the truth in this matter, we get… another lie.