“We need to be very clear and say, ‘Look, there is no reason to think that vaccinated blood is any different from unvaccinated blood.'” PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES


by Tyler Dawson

National Post

February 6, 2023

Here’s your Weekend Posted. Last week, we promised to not regale you with photos of friends and relatives enjoying fairer climes abroad. But we will just make a note that, yes, we do know people who are having a darn fine start to February, and, no, we are not writing this from the beach. We do hope, however, that you’re reading this poolside.


An awful lot of strange stuff has happened over the last couple years because of anti-vaccine sentiment and objections to COVID-19 public-health measures. But, as the National Post’s Sharon Kirkey reports, one of the oddest may still be with us: People who need, or may need, blood transfusions have attempted to ensure that their blood comes from an unvaccinated donor. This isn’t the sort of thing Canadian Blood Services accommodates, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.

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