Justin Trudeau shows more concern for Syria and Somalia than he does for Albertans and Western Canadians.

by Brad Salzberg


February 6, 2023

“If you’re in government, regardless of what level — federal, provincial, or municipal — these are your customers, the general population.”

For Cultural Action Party, these words capture the essence of why a majority of citizens of our country now believe Canada is a broken nation.

According to recent polling as presented by the National Post, “70%  of women agreed that our country is broken, compared to 64% of men.”

That is quite the statistic. Particularly in light of PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government’s dedication to feminism, gender, LGBT and the rest. Turns out that it’s not only those troglodyte oil workers, truckers and farmers. At present, public animus toward Trudeau is widely shared by his “target market.”

While media present the stats, they overlook fundamental reasons why Canada has arrived at a state of social anger and resentment.

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