“The shockingly light sentence is just one in a trend of sexual assault cases across Canada ending with no prison time for offenders.”

by Brad Salzberg


February 5, 2023

According to a recent article published by the National Post, “Canada is now a country where someone can rape a woman and serve out his sentence in relative comfort at home.”

This disturbing trend results from legislative changes introduced by Canada’s Liberal government last year.  PM Justin Trudeau’s move away from mandatory minimum sentencing via Bill C-5 received royal assent in November, 2022.

CAP attempt to understand the decision in proper context. Within a general framework of minimum sentencing augmentation, Federal Justice Minister David Lametti “forgot” to exclude rapists and other sexual predators.

“The shockingly light sentence is just one in a trend of sexual assault cases across Canada ending with no prison time for offenders.”

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  1. Well, yeah. They’re planning to legalize this insanity while criminalizing disagreeing with the dictatorship. Why is this any surprise to anyone? Seriously, why? Maybe if people spent less time up their own pertards and being brainwashed by television and more time understanding just how bought and paid for this establishment really is and the extinction-level danger it truly represents, I doubt the dictatorship would last another 24 hours.

  2. They have put the fox in charge of then hen house. Of course that criminal predator is going to legalize this he wants to be sure that he is safe from any criminal charges. Like he has been doing all along.
    The longer it takes for for his arrest the more guilty the police forces and military appear. Canada needs assistance from outside forces to bring them all down, and return Canada to the admired country it once was.