Justin Trudeau is transitioning Canada to the most repressive society in the western world.

by Brad Salzberg


February 4, 2023

From an historical context, successful transitions to authoritarian states are best accomplished in piecemeal fashion. Step-by-step, government implement draconian laws, beginning with the most benign, and increasing in intensity as time passes.

It’s a manner in which historical dictatorships such as China, Cuba, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union progressed toward an intended political outcome. Misunderstood due to media presentation, a similar dynamic is unfolding in Canada.

Take Euthanasia as an example. In the beginning, it applied to elderly citizens who must provide consent for their erasure from life. Next, others could decide for them. Subsequently, the targets shifted from the elderly to anyone over 18 years of age. In progress at this moment,  government are working to broaden the spectrum to those who qualify as mentally ill. At the same time, assisted dying pushers are advocating for the minimum age to be reduced to 12 years of age.

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