We went to war against covid. We have lost another level of humanity when those who were left wounded from the battle are mocked and ridiculed.

February 4, 2023

“In battle, you don’t leave the wounded behind.”

And yet in the battle against covid, that’s exactly what we have done. Touted as safe and effective, the covid vaccines were supposed to help us stop the spread, protect vulnerable family members, and win the war. With incredibly unethical (and illegal) tactics that violated long standing standards of medical ethics and informed consent, people were manipulated, pressured, and coerced into taking an experimental drug – yes, Emergency Use Authorized drugs are considered experimental by the FDA’s own definition – while stories and images of vaccine injury occurring during the vaccine roll-out were censored by the government.

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  1. And to top it all off, anyone who refused the jab got he gypsies treatment… or worse.

    And the REAL damage from this garbage has yet to truly manifest. Anyone who has taken even one dose is now likely down to a single-digit in their remaining lifespan. They have the following to deal with:

    – Graphene oxide. The guy in Australia who exposed the danger of this stuff was murdered days later, leaving behind a pregnant wife who is 100% convinced it was the government that murdered him and she won’t stay silent. Anyway, this compound is a series of razor blade that rips your cells to pieces. It’s possible this is a contributor to the blood irregularities that show up in the d-dimer test. Unless this stuff is somehow metabolized or somehow breaks down on it’s own, it won’t stop until it cuts you up into oblivion.

    – Spike Proteins. Linked to everything wrong with this jab (for all intents and purposes). This stuff is what gets breathed, coughed and sneezed out bf anyone who has taken it, which puts everyone around them in danger of this garbage. Likely the contributor to the clotting problem since this stuff clumps blood together. Anyone who has taken any jab will have these blood clumps appear (And this is not blood behaves nor does your body require it in anyway), thus why large clots are forming. It also latches to and destroys organs. It ends up becoming a race to which organ shuts down first, courtesy of this garbage.

    – Immunosuppresants. This stuff went right for the telemeres which is vital for immune production. With no immunity, anything irregular and bad in your body remains there instead of getting cleaned up: viruses, bacteria, cancer, the list goes on.

    Other problems like parasites, additional compounds, expired product have also been brought up. This ‘safe and effective’ directive has proven to be the total opposite.