“Canadian Senator compared a cabinet bill to regulate YouTube to George Orwell’s 1984, Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.”

by Brad Salzberg


February 3, 2023

Mainstream media in Canada has adopted a most annoying habit. Simply put, they fail to bring together the ties that bind our country to its political and social degeneration.

CBC may speak of firearms seizure. Globe & Mail will write about nitrate taxation for Canadian farmers. Toronto Star might touch on internet censorship.

But never do legacy media bring it all back home to convey what should be obvious to all: PM Justin Trudeau has transitioned Canada to a “seizure society.”

Trudeau wants our guns. The Liberals want our farms. As we speak, they are working to control free speech on the internet. Why is this situation not being interpreted as a critical loss of personal freedoms as perpetuated by government?

Historical examples of political parallels abound. Personal gun confiscation was a standard during annexation of European nations by the fascists in World War II. The Russian Revolution brought government farmland confiscation to the Soviet Union. The government of China has deployed what they call the “Great Chinese Firewall” to shut out foreign infiltration on the internet.

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  1. How is it this a-hole is still walking free? Everything he has done, everything that he says are nothing less than theft, lies and TREASON.
    He’s scared to face the people, yet he thinks that what he is doing is what the people want. He is totally delusional. Totally, being munipulated. He needs to be removed permanently. Someone that hates the country as much as he does should absolutely not be the PM.
    Where is the Nuremburg Trials, that needs to take place ASAP!! It would appear along with the liberals and ndp, that the senate also needs to be removed.