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February 4, 2023

A 43-year old club-level tennis player, Ryan Vannah, passed away while playing a mixed doubles match. He dropped to his knees, lied down and died.

On January 29th, Ryan Vannah was in the tiebreaker of a mixed doubles tennis match at Red Rock Country Club when he dropped to a knee. Doctors watching the match rushed to perform CPR, but after 55 minutes of medical attention, his heart never restarted. Vannah’s sister, Tami Vannah Kang, was called moments after her brother collapsed, and found her sister-in-law, Dr. Catherine Vannah, among those trying to revive him. It wasn’t until they got to Summerlin Hospital and Medical Center that she and her husband broke down crying. Ryan Vannah died at Summerlin Hospital later that day.

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