Tanya Gaw is joined by Ann Gillies, PhD, a trauma specialist and ordained pastor, to have a frank conversation about the “Damage Done by the Predators Among Us.” The world has gone mad as citizens fall prey to the rising normalization of perversion in our society, grooming our children to accept pedophilic interests. Dr. Gillies provides a historic, academic and social overview of pedophilia and the sexualization of our children.

Dr. Gillies is founder of www.restoringthemosaic.ca, a ministry which seeks to educate and inform politicians, community leaders and pastors across Canada to Restore the Mosaic of our God given identity: individually and nationally.
More about Dr. Ann Gillies https://action4canada.com/empower-hour-dr-ann-gillies-pedophilia-feb-1-2023

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  1. Thank you both for this informative video.
    Courage & tenacity that you reveal needed to win the battle for the children.
    I have no doubt they will erase laws that were put in place to stop this criminal activity.
    Trafficking industry is bigger than drugs. #SaveTheChildren