“Curbing the environmental impact of agriculture will put farmers from the Netherlands to New Zealand out of business.”

by Brad Salzberg


February 2, 2023

“The Dutch government is offering to buy-out up to 3,000 peak polluter farms in an attempt to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions that are illegal under EU law.”

“Curbing the environmental impact of agriculture will put farmers from the Netherlands to New Zealand out of business.”

Including Canada, of course. Upon which concerned citizens might consider an idea cast aside by Canadian media. Under the guise of “environmental concern,” the Dutch government maintains an excuse to seize national farmland.

“There is something happening in the Netherlands that if anything closely resembling it were happening in Canada, it would surely be called an insurrection.”

It will be called nothing of the sort. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail et al will call it exactly what PM Justin Trudeau wants it be called: “Net Zero” being the chosen nomenclature.

As such, historical references to similar processes of the past are off-limits. Pourquoi?  Because the dynamic is classic communism– that’s why.

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  1. Always phrase it in a question so they don’t waste a day at the House of Elites to debate sending the entire resources of a country to punish a single individual, huh?

    In short, the obvious answer is “Yes”. Stalin era went after guns and they went after farm land. The result was millions dead. They want the same thing to happen, here: Collectively starve us to death. The whole farm land and fertilizer thing, which they claimed was a volunteer act, proved to be a total lie, so they’re going to do this stuff by force, as expected by anyone who refused to parrot the ministry of truth’s slogans and lies.

    Friendly reminder: Collective punishment is a crime. Trudeau has been and will continue to practice this on Canadians.

  2. Trudeau and the rest of these bastards need to be forced out literally. For the life of me i do not know why Canadians are so stupid.

  3. The Canadian military and RCMP are filled by people who see what is happening but are too chickenshit to act.
    Trudeau is a nobody people need to take the CS out and the rest of these corporate bastards.

  4. Sonny Bono: We tried peace, last year. We were met with overwhelming force and violence. Since then they have denuded themselves of the means to sustain such force and violence by sending it across the ocean to antagonize Russia who doesn’t a record of harassing Canada like we do with harassing them.

    Speculation: All of this just to keep Freeland happy, huh? That b-word is going to get our entire country nuked, at this rate…

    Unfortunately, I agree with what actions need to be taken. Violence is all they understand and it is what will be required to take them down. The law could have cleaned up this mess last year and they chose to enable and promote it, instead. It falls to the citizens to do the right thing in their place, since the law won’t, since the military won’t defend the country from a domestic invader, especially when the crimes are so blatantly obvious.

    However, there is one serious issue I disagree with: Trudeau isn’t the problem. You can hear the ocean between it’s ears. That’s why it wears an earpiece full-time so it gets fed what to say and think (The fact it wasn’t called out at all when it was obvious as hell should be raising red flags at the legitimacy of the entire bread and circus event). It’s handlers and the group that is obsessed with plundering us and running us into the ground is what must be dealt with. They also have their hooks in the Connedservatives as well, so a mere change in government will solve nothing. The whole system MUST be purged, swept aside and replaced with one where accountability is law and money is removed from politics, no exceptions. I would even argue extremes like bringing back the death penalty for attempted bribery of any politician; they get paid enough as it is to sit on their ass, blurb stuff, make speeches, etc. This money in politics stuff is a good chunk of why we’re in this damn mess in the first place!