Annabel Purcell had a rough go, but has made the best of an unfortunate situation. When she was five, Annabel suffered a stroke that left her with some debilitating conditions. Despite this she kept on trucking through life one day at a time, keeping the best of spirits and contributed to society as well or better than any of us could. Her disabilities have put her in a situation where doctors gave her no other choice than to retire early, but with government cutbacks and an unwillingness to fund the social safety net we were all promised, Annabel has found herself lacking what she needs to survive. The government’s response has been to offer people like Annabel a way out via Euthanasia. Support Annabel on her journey to Ottawa:…





  1. This whole M.A.I.D. idea is crazy. I feel for people like Annabel and for senior’s who only have a lousy government pension such as CPP to try to live on. Of course, the less disabled people and less pensioners the more money the federal and provincial governments have!