What does it say when not only anti-Muslim sentiment, but bigotry against all ethnic and religious communities has risen under Justin Trudeau?

by Brad Salzberg


February 1, 2023

There are few political hot-button issues in contemporary Canada as explosive as the issue of racism. Since PM Justin Trudeau took office in 2015, the topic of racism has been elevated to the pinnacle of social issues.

In no way is it a coincidence. A related question should have been asked years ago, but never was. It goes like this:

Has PM Trudeau personally elevated the degree of social consternation as related to racism in Canadian society? He most certainly has, and continues to do so as we speak.

Over the course of seven-plus years as PM, Trudeau and his Liberal government have elevated “Islamophobia” to the top social issue of our times. Media refuse to make the connection: it is Mr. Trudeau, more than any other Canadian, who has contributed to anger, resentment and related paranoia regarding race-relations within society.

The recent appointment of Amira Elghabaway as “Minister of Islamophobia” has brought social discord to unprecedented heights. Maintaining a similar level of animosity toward Canada as Mr. Trudeau, the appointment has fanned the flames of social trepidation.

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  1. Trudeau is trying his hardest to do the WEF’s bidding. More Islamic demanding assholes who will be doing to us what they did in the Mall of America. The black man with the ” Jesus Saves t-shirt was asked to leave because they the Muslims who are predominant in the Twin Cities area were offended.

    This will be coming here once they are elected into positions of authority, as they block vote.

  2. There are times I don’t agree with Brad. There are other times I don’t think he goes anywhere far enough in his articles. This is one of those many times.

    Trudeau is certainly the rep. for active and ongoing racism and division in Canada, promoting it as a regular thing (especially with it’s earpiece telling it what to think and say all the time). They recently went after Tucker Carlson, using the entire resources of the government to try and punish a single person, which is not only beyond childish, but a massive waste of public funds and resources being diverted to argue over someone toddler’s tantrum over a single white man. If the government wasted an entire day over something you or I said, you would likely agree regarding this overreaction. Tucker’s suggestion was that the USA should liberate Canada from Trudeau… and frankly, it is not only very possible now due to Trudeau’s obsession in bankrupting our military to send it all to Ukraine to help keep it’s criminal records a secret, but that suggestion is not the worst idea I have ever heard of, especially in light of recent events. If this has been said by anyone of any other colour (for lack of better term), it likely would have been ignored.

    I would like to look at this from a different perspective. It’s not islamophobia that is the issue. Trudeau is obsessed with the utter extermination of all white people in Canada. That why the record-high immigration levels, getting the non-white bodies ready to replace those who are white. That’s why the MAIDs commercial featured only white people (That they weren’t supposed to notice). That thing has also said plenty and plenty of nasty things about white people, in general (should be easy enough to find them with a little homework).